17 Samsung Bugs Have Been Discovered to Farm User Data

Zain A
Jun 13, 2021

Samsung has now ran over to go patch the 17 bugs that they found, which has potential use to farm user data.

What were these Samsung bugs?

The issues were found by Sergey Toshin, founder of the software security system Oversecured, specializing in mobile devices. Lately, the company has been busy identifying bugs in Samsung's mobile devices, such as certain exploits that can be used to install third-party apps, without the user's consent, and give the app full admin access over the device. Unfortunately, Oversecured was said to report back as 17 bugs were found.

samsung galaxy s1 series

However, only two have been said to have the ability to get full admin access, enable all permissions for the app, and cause a serious amount of damage. Oversecured hasn't gone into full depth as to what the bugs are exactly, but they have given us information as to what they can do.

The man who found thebugs has tracked down over 550 bugs in many separate devices, and has is even raked over $1 million for bugs that have been found for Samsung, and has even made the company take his warnings seriously.

The other 15 exploits were caught by Sergey Toshin by himself. They ended in the hacker gaining over $30,000 as praise for the work that he had stolen from others.
The bad part is that 3 new ones have also been found, and have been said to be able to cause even more damage to the mobile device.


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