Amazon knocks $200 off Apple Macbook Pro M1 512GB

Zain A
Jun 16, 2021

Apple's Macbook Pro M1 has made records, and now, you can get your very own without the extra $200, as at Amazon, they have dropped it down by $200, and can be bought at the price of $1,300, from $1,500 from here.

More about the Apple Macbook Pro M1

The Macbook Pro 512GB is said to be one in a million by various sources, with its blazing-fast processor and the vibrant display, along with the touch bar which many users found useful, you'll never think it'll get worse.
Many of the Macbook's in the past have always had a fan alerting you that the computers on, or in games it'll be extremely choppy. The M1 processor can change what Intel had done wrong. Though the screen doesn't get too bright, it can give an apology with its battery life.

M1 Macbook price drop apple

Its other version, the Macbook Air, has no fan, no touch-bar, and when being pushed to the limits, it handles well, and with no fan inside, the Macbook Air makes no noise whatsoever.

The Macbook Pro M1 is a good choice, but which notebook suits you best?


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