Galaxy Watch 3 Gets a $200 Discount - Tizen on Smartwatch Comes to an End

Zain A
Jun 13, 2021

The Galaxy Watch 4 is said to come out in a matter of months, and with that, the end of Tizen on Samsung Smartwatches. It will be replaced by Google's very own WearOS. Tizen will be supported for 2-3 years, but when that ends, the Galaxy Watch 3 may become history, being the last Tizen smartwatch to ever exist.

galaxy watch 3

The smartwatches 41mm Bluetooth variant now costs $249 instead of the usual $329. On Samsung, they are giving the watch a $150 discount, but Amazon, however, is giving it the $200 now.

If you would like a Tizen smartwatch on your wrist, buy the device before the spotlight gets stolen by the next Galaxy Watch 4.

The Titanium variant of the smartwatch, is now on sale on Amazon for $399 from $599.

Sources claim that this watch is on amongst many, and was used mainly before the news of the Galaxy Watch 4 was revealed.

Amazon Links for the Galaxy Watch 3

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