How to Clear the Cache on Google Chrome

Zain A
Jun 28, 2021

Clearing your Google Chrome cache is a quick and easy process that can free storage, fix technical issues and maybe even improve computer performance. It also makes sure that you have up-to-date versions of web pages saved

Clearing the cache in Chrome

Chrome -OS-Linux

Here's how you can clear the cache in Chrome on Windows, macOS,, Android and iOS.

  • Open Chrome and click the "More" icon. This is three vertically-stacked dots in the top-right for Windows, macOS and Android. For iOS, it's three horizontal dots at the bottom.
  • On Windows and macOS, click "More Tools" and then click "Clear browsing data". For Android and iOS, tap "History" and then "Clear browsing data".
  • Click "Time range" for Windows, macOS and Android and select the time period you want to clear. To clear all of the cache, you can click "All time". For iOS, you can't pick a specific time range.

The next steps are the same across all platforms.

  • You want to make sure the "Cached images and files" checkbox is marked.
  • Click/tap the "Clear data" button.

You don't need to clear the browsing history and cookies too. They won’t free up as much storage space, and deleting them is less likely to fix Chrome problems than clearing the cache.


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