Microsoft is said to be releasing its next generation of Windows Soon

Zain A
Jun 3, 2021

This month, Microsoft will release a new version of Windows, with an event on the 24th, this year. The event will start at 11 AM, with the hosts as CEO Satya Nadella and chief product producer Panos Panay.

Microsoft's Updates

Sources claim that the company has already brought many new visual enchantments into the current Windows version. The Microsoft event invite, which will be available a week before the event, suggests that there will be a new Windows logo. UI updates from Microsoft are usually quite big.


The new UI has been planned for months, code named "Sun Valley", and new features include Xbox Auto HDR, new system icons, new bluetooth audio support, and even file explorer improvements, with an update to the rearranging option.

The Xbox Auto HDR feature is going to be added to over 1000 PC games. Enabling this feature will allow high dynamic range (HDR) to many games as long as your monitor is a compatible HDR model. As well as this, the feature does take some of your GPU power to implement. However, are the enhanced graphics worth it? I'd definitely sacrifice a little if it meant a really nice boost in graphics. In my opinion, a small change in graphics wouldn't be worth it.

Nadella claims that the company is working on an all-new online store for its OS, and sources claim that they'll even open up to all apps, and other payment methods.

On June the 24th, IoTGadgets will be posting more info about the update.


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