US Soldiers Accidentally Leaked Nuclear Information Online

Zain A
Jun 2, 2021

US soldiers found in Europe accidentally released classified nuclear weapon information when they started to use flashcard apps to help them remember the information in general.

US nuclear data

The US Nuclear Data

Sources wrote that soldiers used various study apps, such as Quizlet, and more, where they had stored information about their bases in Europe where nuclear US bombs were being stored. As well as this, they wrote about secret codes, and even passwords to their data bases. It's being guessed that these information details were leaked by accident, as the account being used to store the information was set to public. So, all the thing's they took note was available to the public.

Sources contacted the US Department of Defense, and the Flashcards were taken down, though, another source reported that the data may still be available to the public on another website.

An email was sent to the Department and so far no disciplanary action has been taken place, though, most people use third-party apps to remmember details about certain thing's, so maybe this person is an example of the danger if you don't change your privacy settings.


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