Galaxy Watch 4 said to have 16GB of storage when released

Zain A
Jul 20, 2021

The Galaxy Watch 4 is expected to release next month with 16GB of storage, over twice the amount the Galaxy Watch 3 has. The watch will have Wear OS and will be able to download a variety of apps from the Play Store. The Increase in storage will facilitate installing more apps, music, and videos. For me, music can be a major concern as I like piling up all my favourites on the watch itself.

More storage is here, why?

Samsung watches have mainly ran the Tizen OS, the apps were small and didn't really eat up much storage. With Samsung ditching Tizen and heading towards Wear OS pastures, the Android apps are huge in comparison to Tizen apps.

The more storage feature is mainly because the watch runs Wear OS, so you can download apps from the Google Play Store and have a better user experience. Tizen would download small apps that are at least under 50MB but has a collection of themes. That collection expands even more with Wear OS to customise the watch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series will be powered by the new 5nm Exynos W920 which gives 1.25x faster CPU performance in all of the watches, and even a massive 8.8x increase in graphics performance, and even though the watch has 1.5GB of RAM versus the 1GB of RAM in the Galaxy Watch 3, other smartwatches in the past have gotten 1.5GGB of RAM, so the only fancy thing that's being brought to the table is the CPU performance and the graphics performance.

The Galaxy Watch 4 will be released on August 11 according to various sources with the new foldable phones and its new wireless earbuds. Amazon claims that the watch will go on sale on August 27th with a whole new design.


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