Google just got gifted a lawsuit over Play Store fees

Zain A
Jul 8, 2021

Google has just been given a lawsuit for abusing its power on the Play Store when Epic Games decided to add the in-game currency to the Play Store, just like they had done on iOS devices. The reason for this is that Google and Apple both take small cuts from purchases. But by making it so you can only buy items in-game, Google and Apple have no control over their cuts.

google wear os

The California federal court was filled with state attorneys that day. They mainly focused on Google and Apple's cuts over their apps on both the Play Store and the App Store. Epic Games basically forced both of the companies to take action against what they did in their terms of conditions.

Both companies have accepted their fate and have made changes to their stores, by making carefully targeted cuts to their fees, yet the company is also in the middle of another federal antitrust lawsuit over its research and advertising practices. Maybe the company should just embrace 3rd party stores for a change?


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