New WhatsApp update brings new multi-device feature

Zain A
Jul 15, 2021

WhatsApp has finally after so long brought out a new multi-device feature that lets you use multiple devices at the same time instead of logging other devices out.

This feature is in beta testing, however WhatsApp confirmed the public beta update via its blog. Before when a user tried to log onto a different device, the current device would be logged out. Now you can log in on up to 4 different devices with no trouble whatsoever.

whatsapp disappearing messages

What's the Problem with WhatsApp?

There's a catch, the multi-device feature is currently available for devices such as laptop's and PCs, not smartphones. This is an issue, as users have requested for this feature to be available to smartphones for ages.

We don't recommend updating to the beta version. The reason for this is that it doesn't support audio/video calling from your devices if the destination is not a beta version. We infact do recommend updating to a new stable version when it comes out.


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