Windows attacked by PrintNightmare ransomware attack

Zain A
Jul 2, 2021

Windows is a good platform in general, but Windows users take note, over multiple versions of your OS an exploit was just found. This could lead to hackers taking remote control on your computer and modifying data.


This ransomware attack, named PrintNightmare, can be made with the help of the Windows Print Spooler service. This helps your PC manage the flow of print jobs being sent to a printer or print server. Though Microsoft did not intend for this to happen, it can be a serious issue as hackers could create new user accounts with full admin access, and they could even modify files.
Though Microsoft has not patched this exploit, they still recommend users to install the June security update, for security reasons.

Microsoft is aware of this exploit, as it says on their exploit page, and is currently creating a new security update for this.

Microsoft's print spooler has messed up before. In 2010, the Stuxnet worm was discovered and the source? Windows Print Spooler service.


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