Samsung Pay will soon be able to store Covid-19 vaccination records.

Zain A
Aug 21, 2021

Samsung claims that soon they will allow users to store their Covid-19 vaccination records in Samsung Pay, with the help of a non-profit health organisation. The organisation called The Commons Project brings the vaccination records to Samsung Pay.

They will do this by using the CommonHealth app on the Google Play Store. And by using a Galaxy Smartphone, they can use the CommonHealth app to authenticate the Covid-19 vaccination records while travelling, by using a QR code generated from the Samsung Pay app only available to Samsung smartphones.

Samsung will roll out this feature as a little test and will roll it out to every Samsung Pay user by the end of the week.

Where will this feature come out?

This will come out in a fairly limited amount of places, just over 2 dozen countries. The Covid-19 vaccination records storing feature won't come out for everyone just right now.


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