Signal are Testing Broadcast Groups.

Zain A
Aug 31, 2021

In version 5.22.0 beta (latest 5.22.3) of the messaging app Signal, they have now brought out Announcement Groups. These are basically Closed groups where only Admins can talk.

All you have to do is create a new group, and then switch off permissions for regular users to send messages and calls, then you have an Announcement Group or Broadcast Group.

Large groups do have some Admins to make sure there is no spam and generally making sure that people are being friendly to each other. Another group with just the Admins to talk about the main group would be great for them. As many people have moved away from Whatsapp, Signal has had to introduce more features for their users and the many groups available.

This feature is very similar to Whatsapp's version, in the end, could Signal have copied them?

This feature is in testing, and it is not on Google Play Store as a beta as of yet. To get the beta, you would have to get the APK file. You can download and install the APK file now from APKMirror.

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