Twitter Users Can Now Report Tweets - Censorship Overload?

Zain A
Aug 21, 2021

Twitter has recently updated their service, to the U.S, South Korea, and Australia, so that mobile users can now report tweets by tapping the 3 dotted menu and selecting report tweet. You can put in the option "It's Misleading" Twitter will then ask for further information about what is wrong with the certain tweet.

Twitter is testing a way for users to flag misleading tweets - Twitter users can now report misleading tweets

Twitter has said that they won't respond to most of the reports, so don't expect Twitter to say anything about your report.

You will be able to report the tweet, and then choose to either unfollow, block or mute the owner of the tweet you're reporting.

This new feature is being tested, and though Twitter has said that they will either have a late response time, or no response whatsoever, still reporting the tweet can help Twitter, so they say "Your input will help us identify trends so that we can improve the speed and scale of our broader misinformation work."

This feature, as said by Twitter, is a little experiment. Yet they still encourage you to use it.

Is this going to cause the platform to further censor their users to their own special and hidden community rules? Freedom of speech has almost left the building.


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