Google Maps for Wear OS 3 Updated but Leaves Older Devices Alone

Zain A
Sep 2, 2021

Google Maps for Wear OS 3 has just been updated giving users more features for them to use in the application. However, this update has NOT come to devices running Wear OS 2 or below. Why Google isn't releasing this update to their older devices is unknown at this point. However, the new features are helpful when trying to head to certain places.

The new features can do things like asking if you want to navigate by walking, car and even on a bike. Though something that Google hasn't fixed is certainly the battery drain. Ongoing GPS can drain the battery by 10-15%. when walking for 30 minutes. You can also start navigating around without your phone. All you have to do is open the app, search where you want to go, select the way you want to go, and the Watch will calculate the fastest way to head to the destination.

You can use your voice to search for wherever you want to go. For example, if you wanted to go to a family's house, all you have to do is click search, and then click the microphone button and say where the house is.

Sorry for Wear OS 2 users but this app isn't available to you. It may be because of compatibility issues, or Google is working on a version for Wear OS 2 and below. However, sources say that there is a chance to get it running without the help of Google by making some modifications. The app doesn't need a Google account for all we know.

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