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Sep 5, 2017
Today, a new app developer by the name of Mikhail Zenov has added another cool app for Tizen Smartphones. Multimedia converting is one of the main problems for Tizen Users and so Penzus MMT is designed to cure that problem. Last year Om Prakash added a new app - Videoaudio Converter for video and audio file converting. The app was […]
Jul 27, 2017
He guys, do you remember the VideoAudio Converter app by Om Prakash, which was added to the Tizen store last year in November? Well, the app received a few further updates that added the audio trimmer feature in December 2016 and the video cutter feature on February 2017. The developers also said that they will […]
Feb 8, 2017
Remember the Videoaudio Converter app by Om Prakash, which was added to the Tizen store last year. The app received a further update that added the audio trimmer feature in December 2016. The developers also said that they will add a video trimmer feature very soon, and last week the feature was added. Next, on the […]
Dec 2, 2016
Hey guys, remember the Video audio Converter app by Om Prakash which was added to the Tizen store last month. The developers said that they will add the audio trimmer feature very soon. Today, the feature is added and they also say the video trimmer feature will coming very soon. App use steps: Launch the […]
Nov 18, 2016
One of the mostly requested apps by Tizen smartphone users is a Video Audion convertor. Now, Videoaudio converter is now available in the Tizen Store by Om Prakash. It's a very easy app to use for end users, just tap on the video file and convert it to audio. You can convert MP4, MKV, 3GP & AVI […]

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