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Dec 28, 2013
As you'll have noticed: Tizen and it's apps are burning hot and yet another competition has been fired up! This time it's directed at GameSalad developers so they'll be ignited to port their apps to Tizen and to a store next to your device. GameSalad is using half a million us dollars  to make developers […]
Nov 13, 2013
Images to be added: logos of Gamesalad - appbackr and lara croft's eyes? OK, when some of the leading app-facilitators like Gamesalad and Appbackr  start working on branching out to Tizen it means they have high expectations of the platform for their industry. This also means they take Tizen to be an important player in the […]
Dec 31, 2014
  Tizen TV News The HOT News of the day is that Samsung have decided to start shipping Tizen on ALL of their upcoming Smart TVs starting 2015. According to industry sources, Samsung have taken this bold move following a meeting that took place on 29 December, and decided to only use Tizen across its […]
Nov 23, 2013
  There are an increasing amount of ways that you can develop your Application / Game for the Tizen Platform. Below is a Infographic showing the type of tools that you can utilise to get your App certified for the Tizen Store and Ultimately entered into the Tizen App Challenge, which ends on the 8th […]
Jul 16, 2014
  The Tizen Developer Summit Russia 2014 (TDSR14) was the first Tizen Summit for Russian application developers to engage with Samsung, and also industry experts to discuss the technical details and merits of the Tizen Operating System (OS). The event was held at the Congress Park Hotels Ukraine in Moscow.     Samsung cancelled their Russia Samsung […]
Jun 2, 2014
  GameSalad delivers 1,000 Tizen, top-appscoring™, Tizen validated apps. San Francisco, CA, June 2 2014 – On the eve of third Tizen Developer Conference, over 2,000 developers have submitted apps to Tizen through appbackr appscore API integration across 10 cross platform tools.  The appbackr appscore integration allows developers of quality apps to receive devices, financial incentives and opportunities to have […]
May 29, 2014
The Tizen Association today announced an additional 37 new partners that will be joining the Tizen Partner Program, which was initially launched at the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea, November 2013, and now stands at a total of 88 partners. Collectively they will bring their expertise together for the development of the Tizen Operating System […]
Oct 30, 2013
  There is some good news for all the Developers that were running out of time to submit their applications for the Tizen App Challenge Deadline of November 1st, the Deadline has been extended to 8th December 2013. With all the new tools being released with Tizen support, it was felt that an extended deadline […]
May 23, 2013
  Here is the Video to the Panel Discussion that took place at the Tizen Developer Conference 2013 in San Francisco. Main areas of discussion where "Why Tizen?" and what attracts the Panel to invest their time in a new OS.   Moderator: Gigi Wang, Board Member & Chair of Emeritus, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) […]

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