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Jan 12, 2018
Verizon, one of the big mobile and data wireless carriers in the US, is currently rolling out a new software update for the Gear S3 and Gear S3 Frontier smartwatches. The updates are for Tizen and, from the feedback we've received, it looks like the updates also contain the recent battery bug fix that was […]
Jan 4, 2018
We've had some good news for our Gear S3 readers in the UK and now its time to continue the good "vibes" for our Gear S3 T-Mobile readers in the US. Today, T-Mobile have announced that Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier devices are now being updated to Tizen, which includes the Gear S3 […]
Nov 30, 2017
Samsung Gear S3 recently got a huge firmware update bringing in a host of new features and improvements to the smartwatch. Called as the Value Pack update, it brought a major jump in firmware version of Gear S3 from Tizen 2.3 to Tizen 3.0, bringing it on the same league as the Gear Sport. But the Tizen 3.0 […]
Nov 20, 2017
Samsung has today released a major update for its Smartwatch Gear S3. The update, called the value pack update, brings a range of new features and enhancements to the Gear S3. With this update, the Gear S3 is running on Tizen 3.0, pretty much the same software as the Gear Sport. The platform version is now Tizen […]
Oct 18, 2017
For our fellow readers it won’t come as a surprise that Tizen 3.0 is going to be supported on all variants of Gear S3: Classic, Frontier, BT, LTE - but hey, there’s more: Samsung’s current flagship Tizen-based smartwatch will enable users, according to our source, to control their smart devices with a turn of the […]
Sep 29, 2017
The Tizen platform is slowly expanding and as of now, it runs four smartphones (Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4) as well as numerous wearables and Samsung TV's. Tizen 3.0 is the latest version of the operating system and it brings a number of impressive features such as voice-based control, dual accounts for Facebook and Whatsapp. This version can only be […]
Sep 22, 2017
The Gear S3 is Samsungs current flagship Tizen based smartwatch and has been acknowledged by consumers for great performance and design. Today, a post found on a Korean forum, and tweeted by Tizen Cafe, suggests Tizen 3.0 is currently being tested on the Gear S3 with software / firmware version CQI4. The update is thought to […]
Sep 13, 2017
Samsung launched a total of three new wearables- The Gear Sport, Gear Fit2 Pro and the Gear Icon X(2018) a couple of weeks back at IFA 2017, Berlin. Out of the three, the Gear Sport happens to be the most interesting and impressive wearable device to us as it is currently the only wearable device […]
Sep 7, 2017
The Tizen mobile platform is slowly expanding to more markets as we can see from its latest addition, the Z4. Samsung has sold a reasonably large number of units within a few variants in most of the developing Markets, with India being the major one among them. The Tizen smartphones sold by Samsung to date […]
Sep 5, 2017
When we compare the the Gear S3 and the Gear S2, the differences between the two are quite substantial in both hardware and to some level software to prove that the Gear S3 is the better device. But shift that comparison to a generation ahead with the Gear S3 and the recently launched Gear Sport […]
Aug 23, 2017
Samsung has been reported to be working on a new wearable device which goes by the name Gear Sport and the device has already been certified by FCC. The Samsung Gear Sport has now been certified by the WiFi Alliance, the organization which ensures that WiFi products are up to standard. The device was certified […]
Jul 27, 2017
He guys, do you remember the VideoAudio Converter app by Om Prakash, which was added to the Tizen store last year in November? Well, the app received a few further updates that added the audio trimmer feature in December 2016 and the video cutter feature on February 2017. The developers also said that they will […]
Jul 19, 2017
Popular video, voice and text based communication service Skype hasn't yet made its way into the Tizen mobile environment officially leaving a lot of Tizen mobile users disappointed. However, if you're a Samsung Z4 user we have some good news for you as one of our own writers Joydeb has been tinkering around with his […]
Jul 7, 2017
Samsung's Tizen smartphones are gradually being expanded into more markets around the globe. However, it would be impractical for developers in non Tizen markets to wait until Samsung released the Z line up of smartphones in their countries to start developing Tizen apps or port their existing apps over to Tizen. That is where Samsung's […]
Jun 14, 2017
South Korean manufacturing giants, Samsung, has unveiled the new models of its Tizen-powered QLED signage.  These models were released at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando and sales of these products will commence in the US soon. Samsung put in a lot of effort in the development of this product which will run on Tizen 3.0 and […]
May 29, 2017
Samsung has a key Interest in Tizen, and, because of this, is sovereign over its partnerships within the platform. The company has already shown in the first four generations of its Tizen-powered Z series (Z1, Z3, Z2, Z4, in that order) that the Korean giant wants to have Facebook in its corner. Samsung Tizen Smart […]
May 22, 2017
The Samsung Z4, the fourth smartphone in Samsung's Z series and a successor to the Z2 (and not the Z3, as many would assume), has been formally announced and made an appearance at the Tizen Developer Conference (TDC 2017) this past week. The Z4 was rumoured to make its way to India on May 19th (Friday) […]
May 16, 2017
Last week, Samsung announced the Samsung Z4, the latest Tizen-based smartphone to join Samsung’s portfolio of Tizen mobiles. The Z4 obviously runs the same operating System (OS) as its predecessors, the Samsung Z1, Z2, and Z3, but now the new kid on the block comes with Tizen 3.0 out of the box. The new OS […]
May 16, 2017
Samsung officially announced the Samsung Z4 recently. The Z4 is the first Samsung model to pack the upgraded Tizen 3.0 OS. The features of the new upgraded OS has now been teased by Samsung. There are hints that the OS will be hitting smartphones soon, perhaps via an OTA update. Icons – Minimalistic The Tizen 3.0 will bring […]
May 12, 2017
In case you didn't know or don't visit the Tizen Experts website much, the next Tizen mobile, the Samsung Z4 has been announced today. The is the fourth Tizen mobile to be released The device was pretty much what we had expected in terms of specifications, but possibly announced a little earlier than we had […]
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