Welcome to the IoT Gadgets website - We are dedicated to bringing you the best Internet of Things (IoT) news directly to you. We are living in exciting times and are proud to be part of this new technology. We were previously known as Tizen Experts and now with the new rebrand can promote Tizen IoT as well as the rest of the hardware manufacturers.

The IoT Gadgets Team

Ashiq Nazir

Editor in chief, Manchester UK

Ashiq found his way to IoT Gadgets from a journey that began in the Maemo / MeeGo community and then went onto Tizen. He has a Network Engineer / Infrastructure background, but it was the power and versatility of a True Linux based Operating Systems like the Maemo OS in the Nokia N900 that caught his attention. The MeeGo Developer Conference in Dublin 2010 was the thing that got him hooked. Open Source and Community was the way forward. Meego transformed to Tizen and then on to IoT!

Bios for other team members are currently being uploaded.
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About us

IoT Gadgets is dedicated to bring you all the Internet of Things IoT news that pertains to gadgets. Simple. We love for you to join us on this journey.

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