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Nov 29, 2017
As bitcoin moves into 5 digits and Ethereum is closer and closer to half a thousand dollars, the old world is lagging behind, amid bubble claims and naysayers floating in […]
Nov 24, 2017
Who owns the data has the best odds to write our future as far as AI is concerned, and what is poised to become the biggest data repository in all […]
Nov 22, 2017
For swimmers, Christmas comes closer this year, with Samsung announcing new promising partnerships for all the fan of the water out there. Long story short, the South Korean company has […]
Nov 17, 2017
It's been three weeks since the latest update of Samsung Pay, and yet here we are with another update for the Indian market. The service is getting refined with the […]
Nov 10, 2017
After a first timid announcement, Samsung has finally uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel that shows off more concretely what Samsung has in the pipeline for Samsung DeX […]
Nov 10, 2017
On October 17 Magic Leap, the much-debated startup that promises to completely revolutionize the Augmented Reality field, confirmed a $502M Series D Round of financing, led by Alibaba Group, bringing its […]
Nov 7, 2017
More and more people are getting enthused with Pocket Desktop PCs like UDOO X86 and Raspberry Pi 3. Lightweight laptops, such as Google’s Chromebook or Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, are […]
Nov 7, 2017
We all love IoT, so what about protocols? Network protocols, for those not in the know, are set of rules for communication between network devices, compression and data packing. Thanks […]
Nov 7, 2017
As the IoT era keeps unfolding, tech molochs in Silicon Valley and everywhere else are brewing their solutions to solve the biggest problem so far: making sense of (so much) […]
Nov 7, 2017
During a conference in Mumbai on November 6, Ganesh Kumar, executive director of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has reportedly declared: "Our current position on bitcoin is that we […]
Nov 7, 2017
Samsung Pay, i.e. Samsung's flagship payment solution, is growing at a mind-boggling pace, gaining one million new users in the last one-and-half months alone.   What's the rationale behind such […]
Nov 6, 2017
If you own a Tizen device and you are a Telegram user like me, today’s there’s a fresh update of the Telegram app waiting for you. I owe you just […]
Nov 3, 2017
Samsung has published the second milestone, so-called M2, of Tizen 4.0. This is the second release for Tizen 4.0 after Samsung hit the first milestone back in June, also announcing […]
Nov 3, 2017
For the joy of Australian tech-enthusiasts and fitness fanatics out there, Samsung Gear Sport and Gear IconX are coming to Australia, starting today. The move follows the launch of pre-orders […]
Nov 2, 2017
Better Mortgage, a high-tech mortgage company that has made a name for itself for being the first one to offer zero-fee, zero-commission mortgages, is teaming up with Samsung to expand […]
Oct 26, 2017
Tyler Technologies, a public company laser-focused on security software for the public sector with more than 15,000 customers among local government offices and school districts, has announced to be working […]
Oct 26, 2017
If you're an owner of a Samsung Galaxy J device you will be thrilled to know there are new possibilities coming for you. It shouldn't come as a surprise that […]
Oct 25, 2017
Trick or treat? Halloween is coming! It’s a matter of just a few days and we’ll all be creatures of the night. And like every year, you want to be […]
Oct 20, 2017
At the Samsung Developer Conference closed yesterday in San Francisco USA, Samsung depicted its ambitious strategy for AI and announced Bixby 2.0, a major upgrade to Samsung’s flagship virtual assistant. […]
Oct 20, 2017
Despite all the security issues that today data security departments have to deal with, concerns can only rise with the Internet of Things becoming widespread. From smart appliances to wearables, […]

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