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Oct 20, 2017
At the Wall Street Journal's D.Live conference today, David Eun, president of Samsung NEXT i.e. Samsung’s investment arm, has expressed the ambitious IoT vision of the company. “Samsung is very […]
Oct 20, 2017
If you believe CISCO, by 2021 the Internet will be 82% video. Live video will grow 15-fold, VR and AR 20-fold. So if you were in Samsung’s shoes, wouldn’t you […]
Oct 19, 2017
With digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0 practices increasingly becoming more popular, edge computing emerges as the new standard in smart factories, and with that the necessity to ensure maximum end […]
Oct 18, 2017
For our fellow readers it won’t come as a surprise that Tizen 3.0 is going to be supported on all variants of Gear S3: Classic, Frontier, BT, LTE - but […]
Nov 23, 2016
If you’re in the mood for tinkering around, these days should be like Disneyland for you. So many boards, so many projects! What started as a fork of Hernando Barragán’s […]
Nov 10, 2016
Samsung’s future is into AI, and now we have confirmation Confirmation? Yes, because Tizen Experts saw it coming one month ago, depicting Samsung’s strategy with great precision. But we are sure […]
Nov 10, 2016
As it’s expanding its services in Russia with agreements with Mastercard and Sberbank, Samsung is also launching its payment solution, Samsung Pay, in Canada. Redditors are reporting being able to […]
Nov 9, 2016
  Just yesterday I covered Samsung Pay’s latest bold moves towards ubiquitous, 21st-century payments and here we are, once again, talking about a brand-new, Samsung Pay-related hot news. Are we […]
Nov 8, 2016
Samsung launched Samsung Pay in South Korea on August 20, 2015. It was Thursday. One year, three months and 100 million transactions later the service is about to make a quantum leap in […]
Nov 7, 2016
When you think about development boards they're all about enabling creators to invent new, amazing stuff. But who are these creators? According to the Hackster Maker Survey 2016, 45.05% of hardware […]
Nov 3, 2016
Let's face it: there's nothing new about video calls being available in WhatsApp to some guy somewhere. Ok, it means Whatsapp is testing this feature and, supposedly, we'll all have […]
Nov 2, 2016
Finally the winners of the The Ultimate IoT Challenge Using ARTIK Cloud have been announced. But before I start, let me say: what a participation! What a positive feedback from the community! 1,480 developers […]
Oct 30, 2016
There's always a great talk about development boards for rapid prototyping, but how many of them may claim to offer a 360° support to their adopters? ARTIK is one of […]
Oct 26, 2016
There's a new competitor in town for Raspberry Pi. It's name is SAMSUNG ARTIK Smart IoT platform. We are not talking about a single board computer, actually. It's instead a family […]
Oct 25, 2016
Certainly this is not the honeymoon for the smartwatch market. According to the latest report by IDC, volumes are nosediving. This is not peanuts: we are talking about a YoY decline in the third quarter […]
Oct 21, 2016
Samsung has unveiled the latest details of his stunning, next-generation TV. Named SUHD Qualmark Red TV, it's based on the proprietary technology Samsung has pioneered: QLED, long for Quantum dot Light-Emitting […]
Oct 20, 2016
The next Tizen-powered smartwatch, that so far was to be released in, broadly speaking, Q4, 2016, has finally found its shipping date: November. Mid-november, to be precise. According to the declaration […]
Oct 20, 2016
As part of the Forum "Tizen for the Internet of Things" held on September 22 in Moscow, Samsung Electronics has presented a new family of maker boards and modules named […]
Oct 20, 2016
In a bold move towards emerging markets, Samsung bets big on its role in the mobile landscape and announces it will double its smartphone production in India by 2019. The […]
Oct 17, 2016
The reach of IoT on our world is more profound than just connecting things to the Internet. It is about magic. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and […]

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