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Dec 7, 2017
When Bixby launched, she supported only English and Korean languages, not surprising since Samsung is a Korean company and English is the most popular and most widely spoken language in […]
Dec 1, 2017
Your ancestor's fortune tellers probably used palm reading to unlock the secrets of their future. Although Samsung has no intention to foresee your future...yet, it just registered a patent that […]
Nov 30, 2017
Earlier this year, Samsung Electronics released its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, called Bixby. Now, Samsung is making plans to integrate Bixby with its Internet of Things (IoT) development board called […]
Nov 30, 2017
It's almost a decade now since Samsung launched its first smart TV in 2008. After trying to replicate its success with smartphones, it was able to deliver a satisfying viewing […]
Nov 29, 2017
Consumer electronics giant, Samsung is the most popular and most trusted brand in that industry in India. Earlier today, the company launched two new awesome devices in its wearables department. […]
Nov 29, 2017
Just like Dubai aiming to become a Smart City by 2020, Seoul City has made known her plans to achieve same. While Dubai is working with Consenys, Seoul city government […]
Nov 28, 2017
When last did you use a washing machine? Do you know your washing machine's brand? I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to spare studying my […]
Nov 27, 2017
Telecommunications giant Samsung, using its research arm Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), just concluded research that makes lithium-ion batteries almost twice as strong. Latest 'discovery' is a synthesized graphene […]
Nov 23, 2017
On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics launched the Chinese version of its artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant called Bixby. During the launch, Samsung announced that users of Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy […]
Nov 21, 2017
As humans, we're always on the look out for the best deals possible. Now, you can take advantage of the Black Friday deals on Argos happening between 15 to 23 November. […]
Nov 20, 2017
Now, more than ever, the everyday athlete has access to a whole new suite if premium fitness features while maintaining a sleek look, advanced functions and of course ergonomic experience. […]
Nov 18, 2017
Recently, we all got the news of BlackBerry discontinuing its mobile device production. Well, that was obviously to make way for its shift from mobile devices to dealing in software […]
Nov 16, 2017
Mobile telecommunications giant Samsung, makes a new move at providing seamless mobile payment solutions to consumers in Brazil with its announcement of partnership with the Banco Bradesco Bank. Following the […]
Nov 14, 2017
Still, remember when your colleague in the office sent you some strange looking email? Or when your favorite email provider suddenly asked you to update your password? Or a recent […]
Nov 13, 2017
If you're a lover of classics, then you must have come across the Greek tale, Trojan Horse, as told by Homer in the Odyssey. The tale details the trick used […]
Nov 11, 2017
Just two days ago, my brother left the stove on with the breakfast he was heating up. I try not to imagine what would've happened if I wasn't home that […]
Nov 10, 2017
ARTIK is Samsung's IoT (Internet of Things) platform whose portfolio the Electronics giant is set to expand with the introduction of more Smart Home Appliances into the market. The new […]
Nov 10, 2017
Looking for PC-on-a-stick? Chinese PC makers have one that could be just perfect for you. At the beginning of the year, they started making these computer models which have Intel Apollo […]
Nov 8, 2017
Most of us know the giant mobile network operator, Vodafone to be all about sim cards. Well, on Tuesday, after a big announcement, it launched a new line of home […]
Nov 8, 2017
Just when we are getting comfortable with the transition into the internet of things (IoT) era, hackers are getting better at what they do, essentially telling users they are not […]

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