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Nov 25, 2013
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, is scheduled to visit Seoul in December to meet one of their major partners, Samsung Electronics. The visit was planned as part of an effort to accelerate the pace of Intel to diversify its portfolio into mobile devices. Brian Krzanich plans to meet top executives from Samsung and LG during […]
Nov 25, 2013
In spite of what has happened on many markets, Samsungs sales in Japan came down fiercely. According to sources in the industry sales dropped from almost 2 million units in the fourth quarter of last year (1.9 million to be precise) to just one million units in the 3rd quarter of this year. We're talking the […]
Nov 25, 2013
OK, so you want to be a Tizen programmer, developer or just a guru? This week you'll have a brilliant excuse to visit St. Petersburg in Russia. Workshops, a challenge and many people to meet! Off-topic though pretty important too: It's one of the most beautiful cities you can visit (and of my most favorite) […]
Nov 22, 2013
  Appbacks challenges YOU to develop a Tizen app and win! Some of our readers are already engaged in a fiery battle to make an extra bundle of cash. It is quite simple, especially if you have already developed an HTML5 based app for a mobile platform. "All" you have to do is to get […]
Nov 22, 2013
  Devices, from ships to refrigerators, phones  and climate systems, are interconnected at an ever increasing speed. And that calls for a simple platform: Unified and open source. A platform that contains a lot of apps and all these apps need to be found and used in a simple, clean way. Quixey’s goal as a […]
Nov 21, 2013
Chris Croteau is an association director and the manager of platform and business management for Intel. He told CITE world that Tizen-powered devices should be commercially available “early next year.” We have already received Tizen, albeit in stealth mode, the Tizen based Samsung Smart Camera. Remember: You've probably been reading it here! Croteau didn't go […]
Nov 20, 2013
Another tidbit of Tizen related news? CrucialTec has developed a Biometric CrucialTec Trackpad (BTP) which is a combination of a fingerprint recognition sensor and a track pad. This function (the addition of OTP technology Optical Trackpad technology and improving the status of CrucialTec life in general by providing not only the hardware but also the related […]
Nov 20, 2013
At the Tizen Developer Summit Korea 2013 in Seoul, Symphony Teleca Corporation announced that it will bring its expertise and experience in usability and software into the Tizen world. It will enable developers a better and faster adoption and development of the platform and software in the Tizen ecosystem. The Tizen Association, working closely with […]
Nov 16, 2013
  OK, this one for the developers out there! The smaller footprint of your app the better: Fast ‘n Furious will make your users’ experience much better than an app thats based on SSL-programming (silly, slow ‘n lazy that is). Finnish programmer, developer and speaker Aki Saarinen has presented a simple to understand flow-chart on […]
Nov 15, 2013
  Like ever so often the world is divided in camps: Those that know, love A and hate B; Those that know. hate A and love B, Those with knowledge to see good elements in both A and B and Those who know little but are either in A or B and cry out loud. […]
Nov 14, 2013
VK Kontakte? What contacts? VK? Yeah, alhough many of us are LinkedIn'd, XING'd or Friends via Facebook, in the Eastern part of Europe it's VK that rules. A Russia based Facebook competitor that has hundreds of millions users. Not sure if they're called friends but then: Who cares! Somebody at Samsung noticed this and saw […]
Nov 13, 2013
Images to be added: logos of Gamesalad - appbackr and lara croft's eyes? OK, when some of the leading app-facilitators like Gamesalad and Appbackr  start working on branching out to Tizen it means they have high expectations of the platform for their industry. This also means they take Tizen to be an important player in the […]
Nov 10, 2013
Tizen TV, Tizen Smartphone: They're coming! OK, it's out in the open: a Tizen operated Samsung smartphone won't be available in 2013 but in the first quarter of next year. it's not a rumor but a statement  from the vice president of Samsung's Visual Display Business, Mr. Kim Hyun-suk. He was quoted to have said […]
Nov 9, 2013
The good folk of Marmalade are partnering with Tizen to bring you another exciting Developers Offer. Deploy your apps to Tizen using the Marmalade SDK and be one of the first to publish on the Tizen store. What do they offer? A Free 6 month Marmalade Indie licence A Free Tizen device * Appbackr cash […]
Nov 8, 2013
  You think you may be smart, but there are some more smart people around. Some of them developed Calaos that will use Tizen to smarten up your home. It is a free and open source tool that can transform your home into a smart home. It can automate things like the lights, curtains and […]
Nov 7, 2013
OK, so we should be able to get reports from the introduction of Tizen 3.0, next week at the developer conference in Seoul. Yep, I'm cool with that. But does it mean Santa will drop a "TzOne" in my wooden shoe next month? Alas.. In it's laudable thrive to produce a mobile OS that is […]
Nov 7, 2013
Auto App Challenge Launched. It seems that games and challenges are de rigeur in Tizen developersland. In order to promote Innovation in Connected Services for the Driver The Auto App Challenge is opening its doors to international developers that ware both able and willing to showcase their in-car infotainment and connected services.   "There is a […]
Nov 6, 2013
Linux, the forgotten mover of worlds. Ask any punter for the names of operating systems and they might give you Apple, Windows and maybe even Android, Blackberry or Nokia Symbian. Only a few will name Linux and Unix. And yet, it's unix and linux that rule most of your chips and appliances. It's the barebone […]
Nov 6, 2013
Timing and marketing are planned in weeks where as other products take months, or years to develop. An all new OS for smart phones, phablets and wearable devices that can also be used for in-vehicle systems takes a tremendous effort and introducing it to the public with a lot of bugs would mean the end […]
Nov 5, 2013
Many developers, from all cultures, are working towards porting their products for the Tizen platform. Apps that will help you to connect with others, tweak your phone or tablet, widgets that will help you live your life and of course: Games! One of these developers is POROPI. They created a Ketatchi game that was based […]

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