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Feb 27, 2018
Hello, all Tizen users it is really after a long time a good and very necessary app has been released onto the Tizen OS. In addition, the app is called […]
Nov 23, 2017
JioCinema and JioMusic apps have been updated for Tizen Smartphones to version 2.1.7 & 4.0.8 respectively. The update brings with it some new features as well as some bug fixes. Actually, […]
Nov 22, 2017
Today, the Tizen Store again received an update for the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4 mobile devices, taking it to version 1.7.5. and 1.7.6. Last time Tizen Store was updated on July and the User Interface […]
Nov 21, 2017
Last week we reported that Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore(SRIB) added a new app for Tizen users named Xpense Manager. This week they added a new app named Prepaid […]
Nov 7, 2017
Here is a new app created by the Samsung R&D team in order to support Tizen users and the Tizen app ecosystem. If Tizen users are looking for any expense and budget […]
Oct 24, 2017
This year one of the most viral and "dangerous" games is Blue Whale, which India seems to be quite badly affected by. A game developer team from Bangalore, named Integer […]
Oct 23, 2017
StarDesigns team has again added a new app to the Tizen Store and this one is called Selfie Flash Pro. The idea behind the app is to give you the best […]
Oct 20, 2017
A new keyboard app has been added to the Tizen Store by an another app developer named Gursimranjeet Singh. The developer has previously added many apps to Tizen Store. For […]
Oct 10, 2017
Remember the iLauncher app released by StarDesigns team? This month the app developer team has released a new launcher for Tizen Smartphones named A7 launcher. It is a custom user […]
Oct 10, 2017
Samsung has previously released the Tizen Store's official website and of this year allowed users to search the store from their desktop. Shortly after that they provided have provided features […]
Oct 5, 2017
Hey, guys here is a new app that has been added to Tizen Store by SomyaC Inc. named Status for IMO. We all know that this development team are continuously […]
Sep 20, 2017
In India, during 2017 one of the most popular games is the Ludo Game. Believe it oer not most smartphone users have this game installed and are busy with it. […]
Sep 13, 2017
Currently, one of the most popular instant messaging apps that also lets you place free voice and video calls, imo, has become an instant hit on the Tizen store and […]
Sep 11, 2017
In April of this year, JP Brothers Inc. launched their popular app Candy Camera for Tizen Smartphones. Now, the app has been updated to version 1.0.4, bringing with it more […]
Sep 6, 2017
Previously, there have been many contests that have appealed to our Tizen smartphone readers; specifically contests that appealed to our Samsung Z1 & Samsung Z3 users that included a photo, […]
Sep 5, 2017
Today, a new app developer by the name of Mikhail Zenov has added another cool app for Tizen Smartphones. Multimedia converting is one of the main problems for Tizen Users and so Penzus […]
Sep 1, 2017
One of the first office document editing apps in the Tizen Store were the hancom office apps. The developers have now released two apps from their development: one is Hancom Office […]
Aug 30, 2017
As we all know, last month Samsung R&D Institute Indonesia (SRIN) released a Telegram client app for the Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 Tizen Smartphones. It has already received 2 updates: one […]
Aug 29, 2017
Today, we have some more good news for our Tizen smartphone readers as the Flipkart app, which is an Openmobile World Wide Inc app, gets a major update today with […]
Aug 18, 2017
The Tizen Smartphone OS is now approximately 2 years & 6 months old and Samsung Electronics Co. has already released four Tizen Smartphones in many countries such as Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 […]
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