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Jul 31, 2011
    Tommi Laukkanen had a dilemma . He needed a Task ToDo Manager that he could run on his "New" Nokia N950 but the Application didn't exist. Well, Like […]
Jul 31, 2011
  Here is a demo of “Plonk” demoed on the Nokia N950 MeeGo-Harmattan phone. This Games conception started at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco this year. It was originally […]
Jul 26, 2011
  "The 2010 Intel AppUpSM developer challenge Grand Prize winner, Most Elegant Application."1 "Ancient Frog is a graphically stunning, meditative brain bender based off of an entirely original idea, and […]
May 27, 2011
  Tweed Suit 0.8.0-3 is currently in extras-testing. Tweed Suit 0.8.2-1 For N950 (alpha) available for N9/N950 [B] Tweed Suit is a desktop style Twitter client and RSS reader for […]
May 14, 2011
    There is a comparison chart here of 20 HTML5 video players. HTML5 Media Players Acorn Media Player, Accessible and customizable HTML5 media player (Cristian I. Colceriu.) Akamai’s Open […]
Apr 24, 2011
  An East Texas Jury has decided that Google has been infringing a patent through its use of Linux and must pay $5 million to East Texas based Bedrock Computer […]
Mar 31, 2011
  PySide 1.0 for MeeGo was released today. In order to use install it properly it requires a Qt update as detailed below. PySide 1.0 is now fully functional on […]
Mar 31, 2011
Amino Communications were present at last weeks IP&TV World held at the Olympia in London. This event is where the cream of the crop of the world's largest and most […]
Feb 21, 2011
Intel held a press event at Mobile World Congress 2011 where they outlined their roadmap for their upcoming processors, but also Dough Fisher (corporate vice president and general manager of […]
Feb 2, 2011
Mozilla today announced the release of the latest Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo. You can get Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta from the Android Market to test on your […]
Jan 14, 2011
A lovely Tablet UI was taken from the MeeGo Maestro Slate from Evolve III. It has an interactive panoramic home screen full of non-restricted widgets, Swipes up for apps, Swipes […]
Dec 25, 2010
Here is another example of the drive of people behind the unreleased handset version of Meego. Running it on an Archos 5 which has a compatible ARM Cortex A8 processor […]
Dec 22, 2010
Here is a quick review of the Arkon Portable Foldup Stand. We found it quite a useful gadget to let you stand up and USE a tablet (Apple iPad, RIM […]
Dec 19, 2010
As many of you might knowm, next month we are off to CES and we are looking forward to some MeeGo fun.This morning though we noticed this Video floating around […]
Dec 16, 2010
Acording to John Nack (Adobe) the next version of Flash Player (10.2) will be up-to ten times more efficient than previous versions, hopefully making browsing YouTube a less stressing experience. […]
Dec 15, 2010
Yet again Google is in the firing line for tuning search results to favour itself. This isn't exactly a new allegation, but the idea's spreading fast: Google is tuning search results […]
Dec 15, 2010
This is a quick knock up of the old classic super mario sent in to us. The developer is very new to the Qt framework but is surprised at what […]
Dec 9, 2010
Today Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's SVP of Design & User Experience spoke at the LeWeb conference about the emerging dominant patterns of interface and user experience in the smartphone industry. We […]
Nov 18, 2010
The power of Linux keeps powering its way through as can be seen from the following video. Soon the word versatility will literally mean MeeGo 😉 Enjoy via @alextootchie For […]
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