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Feb 13, 2014
  The Tizen Association today have announced 15 New Members that have joined the Tizen Association Partner Program. The new members include mobile game publishers, operators, application developers, mobile software […]
Feb 5, 2014
No use in denying that I was surprised by all the information but maybe not as much as many other analysts. In Dutch we have a saying that if it […]
Jan 28, 2014
FOSDEM is a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate. It is renowned for being highly developer-oriented and brings together 5000+ geeks […]
Dec 20, 2013
  Will Tizen become the found link between people, machines and environment "Mobile connecting" can be seen as the paradigm shift of the first 10 years of this century. I […]
Dec 14, 2013
It's not just the mobile world invading the "smart" world. Samsung does it the other way around, in a way.  The experiences they have gotten with their smart camera (read: […]
Nov 22, 2013
YoYo Games is offering $60,000 in cash prizes for your Tizen games! Here we have cash incentive by YoYo Games to Port your Applications to the Tizen Platform. Yes, you […]
Nov 22, 2013
  Devices, from ships to refrigerators, phones  and climate systems, are interconnected at an ever increasing speed. And that calls for a simple platform: Unified and open source. A platform […]
Nov 21, 2013
We had previously reported on Twitter's plans on enabling a change to their Direct Messaging feature that would allow people you are not following to Direct Message (DM) you. This […]
Nov 21, 2013
Chris Croteau is an association director and the manager of platform and business management for Intel. He told CITE world that Tizen-powered devices should be commercially available “early next year.” […]
Nov 20, 2013
Another tidbit of Tizen related news? CrucialTec has developed a Biometric CrucialTec Trackpad (BTP) which is a combination of a fingerprint recognition sensor and a track pad. This function (the addition […]
Nov 20, 2013
At the Tizen Developer Summit Korea 2013 in Seoul, Symphony Teleca Corporation announced that it will bring its expertise and experience in usability and software into the Tizen world. It […]
Nov 19, 2013
  With Tizen poised for centre stage (a little bit of drama), we knew that it was being tested by various Mobile Carriers world wide. Today ZDnet Korean reports that […]
Nov 19, 2013
At the recent Samsung Developer Conference in London, it was stated by Alvin Kim, principal engineer at Samsung Electronics that Tizen would not replace Android on the company's phones, but […]
Nov 19, 2013
  The Samsung KNOX Security Platform is something that Samsung hopes will help it go forth into the Enterprise market. Android has had a bad reputation as a Open System […]
Nov 19, 2013
  Just last week we have seen that Tizen has already been shipped in the form of the Samsung NX300M Camera to be precise. Now the rumours are that Samsung […]
Nov 17, 2013
Samsung has officially Launched the KNOX Partner Program. This means that Resellers and ISVs Can Now Offer Enterprise Customers a Secure Android Platform with Samsung KNOX. Hopefully Tizen will inherit […]
Nov 16, 2013
  OK, this one for the developers out there! The smaller footprint of your app the better: Fast ‘n Furious will make your users’ experience much better than an app […]
Nov 15, 2013
  The European Aviation safety Agency (EASA) has ruled that all flights within Europe can now operate electronic devices during all phases of flight. The rules for international flights remain […]
Nov 15, 2013
  Like ever so often the world is divided in camps: Those that know, love A and hate B; Those that know. hate A and love B, Those with knowledge […]
Nov 14, 2013
VK Kontakte? What contacts? VK? Yeah, alhough many of us are LinkedIn'd, XING'd or Friends via Facebook, in the Eastern part of Europe it's VK that rules. A Russia based […]
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