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Oct 29, 2010
A Guide/Tutorial on how to install Asphalt5 WebOS Game on Nokia N900:- Before you start, you need the following apps installed in your N900- PreenV app for N900 Any third party file manager for N900   Steps for installing PreenV app for N900- Turn on the internet connection Open X-terminal and type Sudo Gainroot and then […]
Oct 28, 2010
Many of today's netbooks ship with BroadCom WiFi hardware, but unfortunately due to licensing issues between MeeGo and BroadCom the required WiFi drivers do not currently ship with MeeGo. The best solution at present is to create our own binary driver. Slaine has provided a guide to resolve this problem:- Update: This sites fonts do […]
Oct 27, 2010
Intial instructions have surfaced showing the steps that need to be taken when installing a dual boot setup. WARNING This feature is currently experimental and intended for experienced users only. Several commands here are dangerous if executed incorrectly and may damage your Maemo installation or your N900. If you are unfamiliar with image creation, the […]
Oct 25, 2010
  A new software update is now available for your Nokia N900. The update adds: Ovi Suite support for the Nokia N900 Tweaks and fixes for phone speed and stability Shipping with Qt 4.7, Qt mobility 1.0.2 and Qt Quick Assist with developer and power users dual booting between Maemo / Meego The firmware is […]
Oct 20, 2010
It appears that a Leaked version of PR1.3 (36-2) for the Nokia N900 is floating around. As yet we are not sure if this version is worth installing or not. Seems to be mainly bug fixes at this point and no major User Interface or functionality enhancements, So if your fine with your N900 working […]
Oct 15, 2010
As many of you know the first Meego Conference is taking place on Nov 15-17, 2010. Its going to be a brilliant time for the Meego community to get together, share ideas and see where mutual collaboration takes us. If you can make the conference we would love to see you there, but if not […]
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