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Oct 13, 2017
Samsung has previously introduced the Tizen Mobile app incentive Program, where Top 100 developers are awarded cash prizes every month. This program has attracted a lot of global developers resulting […]
Oct 12, 2017
Are you daring enough to even attempt to break free from a prison? If yes, then Prison Jail Escape 2018 must be the game you would always want to have […]
Oct 10, 2017
Samsung has previously released the Tizen Store's official website and of this year allowed users to search the store from their desktop. Shortly after that they provided have provided features […]
Oct 10, 2017
A lot of interesting games are included in the Tizen Store on a daily basis, but while you may not have the chance to explore every game which is worth […]
Oct 9, 2017
A brand new epic first-person shooting game called "Modern Counter Attack" has just been added to the Tizen Store. This game comes with high-quality 3D graphics and the shooting impact is so […]
Oct 5, 2017
In recent times, we have talked about amazing Tizen games which cover car racing, bike racing, zombie apocalypse, ghosts games, adventure and much more. Today, we have selected "epic war" games that […]
Oct 3, 2017
Car racing games are one of the most popular games in the Tizen Store, we have four car racing games that are so extreme, different and should satisfy your desire for […]
Oct 2, 2017
Quality and graphics intensive games were once a rarity on the Tizen store as developers didn't find the low number of users and devices a sign for making business back […]
Sep 29, 2017
The Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best looking smartwatches currently in the industry and Samsung has made sure that the Tizen based wearable doesn't go obsolete in a […]
Sep 28, 2017
There are numerous amazing bike racing games in the Tizen Store but the emphasis on most of these games is speed. Motocross Trial Extreme is offering something different, this game is […]
Sep 26, 2017
The developers at HGames Artworks seem to have a love with Ninjas in particular as they have released a total of 4 Ninja themed games on the Tizen store till […]
Sep 22, 2017
This game, Zombie Ops 3D Shooter, reminds me of a couple of years ago while I was seeing the movie series "The Walking Dead". This is a game for matured […]
Sep 21, 2017
Gaming on a tiny screen such as the Gear S2 and the Gear S3 could be really tricky when the games aren't all that well optimized to make use of […]
Sep 21, 2017
Games and more games are been regularly introduced to the Tizen Store and the game for today is "Ghost Evolution". We all know that anything that has to do with […]
Sep 20, 2017
In India, during 2017 one of the most popular games is the Ludo Game. Believe it oer not most smartphone users have this game installed and are busy with it. […]
Sep 18, 2017
Multiplayer Game: Death and Dust Today's game is...... Death and Dust! This may sound like some kind of demonic sorcery, which I thought, but it's actually a game about shooting […]
Sep 14, 2017
In all honesty, the Tizen Store is growing rapidly and though it is only a few years old, it already holds numerous high graphic games. I have reviewed a number […]
Sep 12, 2017
WhatsApp was an app that enjoyed the number one spot in the Tizen Store almost from the first time it was released on the Tizen Smartphone Platform, but times change […]
Sep 11, 2017
The Tizen Store is only a couple of years old, however, thousands of apps are currently available for its users. The statistics of the most downloaded apps in the Tizen […]
Sep 8, 2017
Racing games have evolved quite a lot over the years with more detailed graphics, real physics, etc thanks to the advancements in computing and graphical rendering power. On the desktop […]

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