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Dec 23, 2013
  Titanium release, 3.2.0 is now available. It supports Tizen 2.2 out of the Tin and comes along with more features to make your app development faster and potentially easier. Note: Once you upgrade to Studio 3.2.0, all of your existing Alloy-based apps will need to be re-compiled with the 3.2.0 SDK. As always, we keep up […]
Dec 22, 2013
Marmalade 7.1 is out and it has Tizen Phone Emulator Support built in. For you that don't know, Marmalade is a cross platform development environment that promises to minimize the time and effort associated with taking your games cross platform Below are the pre-requisites Before you download On Windows Visual Studio 2008 or higher (download) […]
Dec 20, 2013
We have reported on the Appbackr's challenge before.  Simply put: They award money for HTML5 applications that can be sold (and used!) throught the TizenStore.  As we have had some questions about it, here's the process described more clearly. If you want to know the nitty-gritty you can go to the link: View full rules Prizes: […]
Dec 20, 2013
Welcome to my world. The intriguing, complex world of marketing: How to get people things they need and love but also how to make them find it. Being one of the biggest players in the market implies you're spending a small percentage of profits on advertising in all of it's ways, like advertising and sales […]
Dec 19, 2013
  Last weekend Tizen Developers Community went wild by setting up 3 Hackethons at the same time in Toulouse France, Barcelona Spain and Los Angeles USA... I was doing my best to help Toulouse's challengers to get their project as advanced as possible in a couple of days (night included) ... In short those projects […]
Dec 19, 2013
  Over the last year there has been a lot of momentum gathered by the Tizen Operating System. The Tizen Association has launched its Partner Program with 36 New Members to help propel Tizen forward, more development frameworks are now supporting Tizen, and more even more companies are porting their games and applications to our […]
Dec 18, 2013
  Our friends at Sammy Today got an exclusive sneak peek at a new User Interface, that looks quite different and dare we say it "Fresh". Above we have a full gallery of pictures that have various applications including a Dialler, Contacts, Gallery, Messenger, Calendar and the Notification area. Some of the Icons are nothing […]
Dec 18, 2013
Even at a Tizen devoted blog we have to respect the engineers of Cupertino. According to sources within the industry Apple baffled competition with the first 64-bit system-on-a-chip. Or, in hte words of the source: "It set off panic in the industry". Most were working toward 64-bit for mobile platforms and now they have a […]
Dec 17, 2013
  Samsung today introduced the Smartphone GamePad which promises to instantly transform the user’s Galaxy smartphone or Tablet into a portable gaming console or even a home console. Through its premium, easy-to-carry design and durable steel frame, GamePad is attachable to mobile devices ranging from 4-inches to 6.3-inches, allowing users to play games wherever they […]
Dec 16, 2013
Software and hardware are the first things to test. Should your car hit a spot where your car can't see satellites it would be rather unpleasant if it would reset itself, in the process taking down some other functions too. That's just one thing. Materials tend to age quicker when exposed to high heat. Which […]
Dec 16, 2013
  More rumours are flying around the web again and it seems the Korean media is at it again. According to ZDNet Korea, Samsung will be announcing its first QHD (2,560×1,440) display smartphone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) February 24 – 27 – most likely this will be the Samsung Galaxy S5. We have been […]
Dec 13, 2013
  AppBackr has some great news for Developers that have HTML5 Apps and would like to submit them to the Tizen Store, but don't want to deal with the Application repackaging process. Well now appbackr will repackage repackage your HTML5 Apps for you and best of all its FREE!!!! The program has launched today and […]
Dec 12, 2013
Sometimes technologies can boggle me. Most people Iknow that buy a thin smartphone have to shell out extra money to get a protective cover, a bumper and a screen protection stick on. Serious roadrunners also take a back up battery pack. Most of this could be combined into the device itself and still small when […]
Dec 9, 2013
  Hello .... What have we here?? Recently my BlackBerry friends had the joyful opportunity of gloating that the BlackBerry Browser had attained a score of 491. I vowed to them on that day that Tizen would return as King of the and it has with the help from a smartphone prototype with […]
Dec 8, 2013
Some apps have deserved praise and a name. Others have won a hackathon but very few have won an Emmy. But a games is a different kind of app! Enter Ludei, the developer and amusement giant Nickelodeon: The growing schism between operation systems made it necessary to work on re-writing their coding handbook and make […]
Dec 2, 2013
  The second Beta Release (Beta 2) of EFL 1.8 is now available for download at: The relevant components are: If you are compiling the above, please compile them in the following order: efl elementary emotion_generic_players evas_generic_loaders If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to […]
Nov 29, 2013
So. You think apps are made my mad coders, silent geeks of wizzkids on energydrinks? That hackathons, Tizen challenges or AppBattles are in closed rooms, semi dark and massive LED screens? Think again! Or rather: Take a look at 3 minutes of people having fun in developing, in creating a part of their dream. I'm […]
Nov 29, 2013
Friday, December 13 in the early morning (at 7pm!) an odd bunch of nervous, happy people will walk into the Epitech in Toulouse. Nervous, because they can win money with their Tizen app or idea and happy because they are just a few months ago before these apps are to be bought by Tizen users! […]
Nov 29, 2013
In a world dominated by Android (Google) and iOS (Apple), all new contenders need a strategy, allies and certainly a few tricks up their sleeve. Samsung have noted that another notable OS, FireFoxOS should be seen as a friend like a companion or friend through a complementary working relationship. Is not my enemys enemy my […]
Nov 29, 2013
  Samsung has been championing its own messaging app or potential platform for quite a while now. In the last few months it has added a whopping 50 Million to take its total number of users to over 100 Million. ChatOn comes preinstalled in the majority of Samsung's phones. Google has recently added the SMS […]

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