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Feb 12, 2021
The Galaxy Buds Pro is Samsung's latest earbuds. They were launched back in mid-January for the price of $199 (£219 / AU$349) - a similar price to the Galaxy Buds Live. Is the upgrade worth it? The earbuds come in three colours - Phantom Black, Phantom Silver and Phantom Violet. The latter of the three […]
Apr 30, 2019
Smartwatches nowadays come in so much choice for every budget, design, or lifestyle that it’s hard to distinguish which ones are the best. From the likes of the Apple Watch, to smartwatches from Fitbit, Samsung and Xiaomi, you just have too many of choices in front of you. This sometimes may get confusing to buyers. […]
Apr 16, 2019
Over the years we have spoken to many talented Tizen Galaxy/Gear Watch Designers – such as Ayla Gokmen, Denis Miroshnikov, Mike Wickens, and John (Nucleon). Now, we add another Samsung Tizen watch face developer to add to this list, Chris Shomo from Infinity Watchfaces. The thing that caught our eye with Chris was his Fred the […]
Jan 2, 2019
Watching videos on a smartwatch may not be the best idea, but sometimes, having the ability helps. YouTube certainly is the go-to video streaming app for the majority of people. But unfortunately, the official YouTube app from Google is not present on Samsung smartwatches, including the new Galaxy Watch and Gear S3. But there are some […]
Dec 19, 2018
The Brydge G-Type keyboard is a full laptop keyboard that features a glass trackpad that transforms your Pixel Slate into a laptop. The keyboard has been specifically designed for the Pixel Slate, but could potentially be used with other tablets, assuming they can squeeze into the hinge area that the Pixel Slate slides into.   […]
Nov 21, 2018
The are various tech companies going after the "two in one market" and HP is right there, leading this segment in many ways. The two in one form factor is becoming popular as it combines a tablet and a laptop, whilst adding their strengths and not inheriting too much of their respective weaknesses. The Hewlett-Packard […]
Oct 4, 2018
Samsung's bundled in their new Wireless Charger Duo as part of their Galaxy Watch promotion in the UK and some other countries. Initially, the product was delayed with first stock being delivered by 30th September and now customers in the UK are beginning to get their valued added gift. Let us have a look how it […]
Dec 1, 2017
The quantity and quality of apps in the Tizen Store has had a sheer rise over the last few months. These days, we do have wide range of choices on every genre of apps. But there still remain some genres where we don't get much of choices with apps. One such genre being Karaoke apps. […]
Oct 16, 2015
  Exciting times as the Samsung Z3 is making some serious news in India and Russia. Now, we see that Russian website Mobile-Review have got their lucky hands on the Samsung Z3, model number SM-Z3000F, the 4G version that is getting released in Russia and also in Europe (hopefully). The Smartphone is reported as running […]

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