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Feb 7, 2011
Looks Like Tommi Laukkanen is on a roll for updating his apps. Following on from his update of TwimGo 2.6 yesterday, today we have NewsFlow beta 1.1.
Feb 6, 2011
    It is actually running unmodified under Maemo, in a carefully crafted chroot -- much like Preenv. It is scaled 1.5x to fill the screen, and no hardware other […]
Feb 4, 2011
Further to yesterdays post of the QML version of gPodder running on a MeeGo netbook, here is the development QML gPodder running on our faithfull Nokia N900
Feb 4, 2011
The WeTab team have released a software Update for the WeTab OS 2.1.1 This free WeTab OS update brings all-new features to the WeTab, which expands the open approach of […]
Feb 3, 2011
gPodder QML Prototype running on MeeGo Netbook (PySide and Qt Mobility) Here is a Demo of a gPodder QML Prototype running on a MeeGo Netbook utilising Pyside and Qt Mobility […]
Feb 3, 2011
Looks like the jurys in with both Engadget and Slashgear reporting that Aava Mobile will be revealing a Medfield based Android / MeeGo phone at  (MWC) According to Engadget Slashgear […]
Feb 3, 2011
Heres a useful app for the Nokia N900 (Maemo) created by member Nicolai. You can Forward your SMS and / or IM-messages to your E-Mail and also the ability […]
Feb 1, 2011
Remember well over a year ago Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch demos Flash Player 10.1 on the Nokia N900? Yes ... but the problem is that it still hasn't materialised. Luckily […]
Feb 1, 2011
Tommi Laukkanen, the developer behind TwimGo was so impressed with the latest Qt SDK 1.1 Technical Preview that whilst taking a break from TwimGo he has got the inspiration for […]
Jan 31, 2011
A quick example of how Qt isn't only for our beloved MeeGo Os but can fulfil the promise of running on several different OS's. Here is a video of the […]
Jan 31, 2011
Heres a Video a a ExoPC slate running MeeGo and by the looks of it, its doing a good job at it. We haven't been able to get our hands […]
Jan 31, 2011
Details are quite sketchy on this one and at the moment it's leaning more on the side of a rumour than fact, but according to a thread on  Anand Chandrasekher, […]
Jan 28, 2011
Over at the forums member FRuMMaGe has created a Graphical User Interface for Aircrack. What is AirCrack ? It is an Application that can be used for cracking 802.11 […]
Jan 18, 2011
  Here is a demo setup of an In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) unit at the Intel Booth at CES 2011. Intel wants to provide the end customer with whatever solution the […]
Jan 16, 2011
One of the things that I recently tweeted was that MeeGo was not just another OS, its a community and its great to see stories like this coming from the […]
Dec 29, 2010
Here is some information provided to us by Mikko about there service to convert QML to a Debian. deb file that can be installed on the Nokia N900. Sounds pretty […]
Dec 25, 2010
Yes, the Indamixx 2 Music tablet is finally for sale, as I'm sure some of our DJ'ing followers could not take anymore teaser YouTube videos.The Sales price is $699 which […]
Dec 15, 2010
Bengaluru based IT giant Infosys has developed a digital smart home gateway which allows users to link and control various smart digital devices through a single easy-to-use interface. The gateway is […]
Dec 15, 2010
Included in the latest release of the Nokia Qt SDK is a Notification API. This is available as a plugin to the Nokia Qt SDK and will offer real-time information […]
Dec 8, 2010
Today, Texas Instruments finally backed the rumours that have been flying around for the past few months by making an announcement concerning the issue. Rumours had it that the already […]

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