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Oct 20, 2010
It appears that a Leaked version of PR1.3 (36-2) for the Nokia N900 is floating around. As yet we are not sure if this version is worth installing or not. Seems to be mainly bug fixes at this point and no major User Interface or functionality enhancements, So if your fine with your N900 working […]
Oct 16, 2010
  A lot of people were excited yesterday from the news contained in Harri Hakulinena's post that the next version of the Nokia N900 firmware will allow dual booting between Maemo and Meego on the Nokia N900. Unfortunately, this is not the case according to a response given by Nokia to the Nokia Blog. Here […]
Oct 15, 2010
Over the last months, the development team have been working furiously behind the scenes to update Meego 1.0 to Meego 1.1, a move that will further integrate Qt services within Meego. Also another interesting bit of news according to Harri Hakulinen's post the once rumoured PR1.3 is quite close and brings along the possibility of […]
Oct 15, 2010
Its official, HP has hired Ari Jaaski as senior vice president. The idea being that Jaaksi can bring with him the expertise to aid the revamp of the WebOS Operating System (OS). Jaaski was one of the people pivotal in creating Nokia's open-source software strategy and his passion is evident whenever he talked about the […]
Oct 1, 2010
There is no content in this category at present. We will bring you the finest stories soon, so please bear with us. These are exciting times, so please fasten your seat belt because the journey will be fast and at times very furious ! And by all means if you have something to contribute then […]
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