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Dec 28, 2016
Samsung has today announced another an addition to it's Tizen-powered POWERbot lineup of vacuum cleaners, the VR7000, to unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas next month. The POWERbot is […]
Dec 26, 2016
Samsung have announced an addition to its Smart Home portfolio, a new Wind-Free air conditioner, to be launched at CES 2017, Las Vegas. The AR9500M air conditioner has Samsung's Wind-Free™ Cooling technology […]
Nov 29, 2016
What follows Black Friday deals ? Well, it seems that Cyber Monday is getting increasingly popular. One of the Cyber Deals that we think our readers might like is the […]
Nov 23, 2016
As part of it's Black Friday offerings Samsung has some great discounts on quite a bit of its latest Tizen tech. So if you're looking for a fridge that has Family […]
Nov 8, 2016
Recently we reported that Samsung are developing a version of Tizen for the IoT. With, Android and iOS having the lion's share on the smartphone business, Tizen OS for smartphones […]
Nov 3, 2016
After being the talk of the town at CES 2016, Las Vegas back in January, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is now making its entry officially into the UK. Both […]
Nov 2, 2016
  Wooplr Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have added their shopping app today to the Tizen Store named Wooplr. It's a fashion shopping website that is dedicated to women's clothes, accessories, and […]
Oct 16, 2016
In the past we have released some special Indian, Bangladeshi, and recently South African themed wallpapers / backgrounds, this is our little way of welcoming new countries to the Tizen family. Now, with the […]
Sep 22, 2016
  The Tizen Experts Story Tizen Experts is arguably one of the world's largest Tizen resources to be found on the net. One of our claims to fame is that […]
Sep 22, 2016
Samsung's Family Hub smart refrigerator is probably one of the smartest Internet of Things gadgets around and yet the device is getting even smarter. Samsung is said to be working […]
Sep 16, 2016
We have another Tizen story coming from Russia, where the platform has been doing very well. Tizen based smartphones like the Samsung Z3 are being actively used by Russia's business […]
Aug 30, 2016
Korean electronics giant Samsung has hinted that it would be unveiling the European Edition of its highly successful Family Hub smart refrigerator at IFA 2016, held in Berlin, Germany. The […]
Aug 23, 2016
Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 flagship with an all new Iris scanner feature which is touted to provide the ultimate level of privacy and security through the Knox platform […]
Aug 15, 2016
The Samsung Z2 was expected to launch in India on the 11th of August along with the Galaxy Note 7, but that turned out to be a hoax and we […]
Jun 19, 2016
  First Generation of Tizen Air Purifiers Samsung have announced a couple of Air purifiers as part of their 2016 range with model numbers AX7500 and AX5500. These are not […]
Apr 27, 2016
Home appliances like refrigerators despite being an essential part of every home usually don't get the same amount of attention as a consumer electronics product like a smartphone or a […]
Apr 8, 2016
  Samsung's subsidiary brand SmartThings that's been bringing solutions for consumer and smart homes based IoT recently announced compatibility for four smart home products in the UK which include the Belkin WeMo LED […]
Mar 29, 2016
  Samsung is teaming up with another South Korean giant SK Telecom to boost forward into the future by kickstarting an Internet of Things (IoT) test town. The project is […]
Mar 22, 2016
During Samsung China Forum held on March 2 in Shanghai, Samsung unveiled a TV that has QQ messenger pre-loaded on the TV. To those unaware, QQ messenger owned by Tencent is […]
Feb 25, 2016
  With an established R&D, there is no stopping from innovations from happening at firms like Samsung. The fact that three of these recent innovations from Samsung had been built […]

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