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Dec 1, 2015
  In this video tutorial you will be Introduced you to different Gear Application Types that are supported by gear wearable devices. You will be Informed about the architecture, the […]
Oct 22, 2015
Samsung Developers recently released a tutorial video which talks about the Content API example web application.   This is one of many example applications which are available for download directly […]
Oct 21, 2015
  This year has been a fantastic year for Tizen with the launch of Tizen Smartphones such as the Samsung Z1 and now the Samsung Z3, and it looks like […]
Oct 15, 2015
  Developers, here is a video that will guide you through building interactive apps that follow the phone’s orientation and more using the DeviceOrientation Specification in your Tizen app. The […]
Oct 5, 2015
  Edge Data Collection (EDC) uses a plain text file, that can be used to split your application into two parts. One for design, and one for logic. In the […]
Oct 1, 2015
  Hey Devs, you can Integrate most things into your app. In-fact you could Integrate the front camera into your application in order for people to see and Interact with […]
Sep 30, 2015
  The Samsung Gear S2 is almost here, with the expected launch date of October 2015 (Yes next month). The screen is swipeable, which is nothing new, but the inclusion […]
Sep 28, 2015
  As application developers you need to engage your users with fast and responsive apps, but how can you analyse this? This is where the Dynamic Analyzer tool comes into […]
Sep 27, 2015
  We have apps and app stores that cover the globe. This is how we get our essential apps after all 🙂 . But sometimes what can differentiate your app […]
Sep 7, 2015
  The Tizen Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has its own set of samples and templates that can be utilised by anyone and also anyone is able to create their own. […]
Aug 14, 2015
  Kim talks you through one of the exciting features of Tizen 2.4 beta, contextual apps, which brings the "wow" factor to your Smartphone. Contextual apps make our smartphones smarter. […]
Aug 8, 2015
  Hey Developers, To create a successful Gear Smartwatch app you need to understand about the architecture behind it and the services that are utilised to link devices together, like […]
Aug 5, 2015
  Here is a nice little video tutorial by the equally nice Samsung Developer people. Meet the Exercise Planner, a simple Tizen app that showcases the Tizen Alarm API. You […]
Jul 23, 2015
  Tizen is an OS that is built from the ground up to run on many platforms, including phones, televisions, cameras, appliances, cars, and more. On most of these devices […]
Jul 20, 2015
  There are quite a few gaming engines available on the Tizen platform. Phaser.js is a Desktop and Mobile HTML5 open source game Framework for canvas and WebGL powered browser […]
Jun 30, 2015
  Some Interesting Information has hit the Tizen Mailing lists this morning courtesy of Jean-Benoît Martin. Tizen-Common Q1 2015 release is now available on Tizen-Distro. Below is the Information: The […]
Jun 25, 2015
  Tizen’s architecture is appealing to both Web and Native developers alike. We have a Web API that allows app developers to create programs using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and also a Native […]
May 29, 2015
  The Essential guide for Tizen Web application development has been released. The document guides you on how to set up a development environment and essential information for developing and […]
May 11, 2015
  Here is a tutorial created by Samsung Developers, and gets you going with developing apps for a Tizen 2.3 Smartphone, the Samsung Z1. This device opens up avenues of […]
May 1, 2015
  Tizen have been in development for several years now and we are proud to have products in the market place in the form of Smart watches, a Smart Phone, […]

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