Guest posting guidelines

IoT Gadgets were previously accepting FREE guest articles to post, but now due to the amount of time it takes to vet said articles, we will charge for this service. The actual amount charged with be discussed with you.
IoT Gadgets Paid guest posting service
IoT Gadgets has some dedicated and talented writers that post almost daily on the website, but we do also accept guest article submissions from Individuals and relevant ethical marketing companies. To be considered your article has to be an editorial piece or be newsworthy content, that is well written and provides value to our readers, in an honest and factual manner. We are not Interested in sensational writing or click bait. If that is your agenda then please do not read any further. As mentioned previously we have withdrawn our FREE guest posting service as it takes too long to vet articles.

Overview of Guest posting

If you're an up and coming or established writer you might want to explore new audiences to gain further reach and exposure. Many of our previous writers have gone on to lucrative jobs at some of the worlds biggest tech companies, Intel and Samsung come to mind.
Daily, we get loads of requests for guest posting and we request that you follow the guidelines detailed below. It will help us weed out the pitches that will not make it and also make sure your submission is seen and ultimately be successful.
On the whole, we do not charge for guest posts, but if you are a marketing firm and we need to spend more time on your proposal we will discuss a relevant posting fee with you - ultimately your content has to be relevant to our audience.

Guest posting guidelines

Please find below our posting guidelines and also how to pitch and submit your post. It might look a little complex, but it is really easy ?
1. IoT Gadgets aims to provide its readers with the latest tech Information and relevant editorials. Initially, the best thing you can do is to review our previous posts and get to know our audience and what we provide. We obviously welcome your own style of writing, but it has to be of benefit to our readers.
2. Proofread what you send. We review every submission to make sure it is technically and grammatically correct. If we spend too much time "Fixing" yours as part of the editorial process, it will either be rejected or a fee will be discussed for its acceptance. This is a time-consuming endeavour.
3. Posts must be original works and have not been published elsewhere and will NOT be published elsewhere.
4. You can have one link in the main body of the article to an external website, but it can NOT be an article keyword.

How to pitch to us

1. Send us two or possibly three article topics that you think are going to fit well with our audience and something that you have authority to talk about.
2. Provide at least 2 links to previous work that you have created and is published in your name on the Internet.
3. Submit how much you would like to pay for this submission.
4. Our email address is contact [at] IoTGadgets [dot] com and please mark the subject line as: "Guest Post Submission -", and then add your full name to it. This makes your article easier to be found.

How to submit the chosen article

1. Send us your completed article in the email body or as a TXT document attachment.
2. Provide your author Bio, maximum 200 words (again unique content), that can contain a link to your website and a 500px profile picture that is less than 1MB in size.
3. Bank transfer the fee. Bank details will be emailed to you.
I'd like to wish you good luck on your submission and look forward to working with you.

About us

IoT Gadgets is dedicated to bring you all the Internet of Things IoT news that pertains to gadgets. Simple. We love for you to join us on this journey.

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