Over the last 6 years we have published 1000s of articles and now are geared up to write 1000s more. If you have a keen Interest in IoT / Gadgets / Blockchain / Smartwatches / Tech then read on.

What we are looking for

Below are some of the things that we are looking for in writers. Don't worry if you don't tick all the boxes, but most would be good:
• Good command of the English language. Without good grammar, we are not going to get far.
• Passion for Technology and its Implementation. Without passion, you are not going to appreciate the technical world and readers will not see it in your writing.
• Experience in writing tech articles/reviews. You may be still considered if you don't have too much experience but can demonstrate a knowledge of the IT Industry.
• Be available to write a few IoT / Gadgets / Blockchain articles per week, but ideally one article per day, excluding weekends, would be great.
• Enthusiasm to learn, promote and be seen as a pioneer in new technology.
• Energy to contribute, the Internet never sleeps, and neither do we!

Apply Today

If you have previous writing experience that has been published elsewhere and feel comfortable covering a tech topic of interest within our preferred 800-1200 word range, I’d love to hear from you.
Please do not send emails asking about writing for us. Instead, I ask that everyone fill out the form directly below. Make sure you provide everything I need to assess you as a candidate. 
I look forward to hearing from you.

Howie Jones

About us

IoT Gadgets is dedicated to bring you all the Internet of Things IoT news that pertains to gadgets. Simple. We love for you to join us on this journey.

Contact us: [email protected]


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