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Sep 29, 2017
SmartThings Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Mountain View, CA. SmartThings is building an open platform for smart homes and the consumer Internet of Things. The company was bought by Samsung Electronics […]
Sep 27, 2017
SmartThings Inc is a is a technology company which was founded five years ago and its primary product includes a SmartThings app, a  SmartThings Hub, as well as various sensors and smart devices. The SmartThings Starter […]
Sep 7, 2017
If you have been using a SmartThings Hub along with all the other SmartThings compatible lightings, power outlets, etc to automate your home or office, then you already know how […]
Jun 26, 2017
Samsung Electronics America has unveiled its next generation of Family Hub refrigerator which presents with some advancements of the roles the gadget plays in modern family life. The new Tizen-powered […]
Jun 9, 2017
It is the dream of most people to make their homes smart by embracing IoT technology but what many of them don't know is that just about any home can […]
Jan 18, 2017
Samsung owned SmartHome and IoT firm SmartThings recently sent out a press report to clear the air on a few changes that the company had planned for 2017. With IoT […]
Dec 29, 2016
SmartThings and the Internet of Things (IoT) are both very important technologies to Samsung's Tizen ecosystem of devices, and lets be honest, a whole load of fun! Well, our readers […]
Nov 29, 2016
What follows Black Friday deals ? Well, it seems that Cyber Monday is getting increasingly popular. One of the Cyber Deals that we think our readers might like is the […]
Oct 11, 2016
Samsung Electronics has today announced that it would be releasing its SmartThings-enabled kitchen appliances next month. The tech giant in its drive to expand its portfolio of Smart kitchen appliances would release […]
Apr 8, 2016
  Samsung's subsidiary brand SmartThings that's been bringing solutions for consumer and smart homes based IoT recently announced compatibility for four smart home products in the UK which include the Belkin WeMo LED […]
Jan 12, 2016
  Samsung is certainly taking the lead with the Smart TV category with all the innovations that they have announced at CES 2016. The companies upcoming 2016 range will feature […]
Jan 6, 2016
  The New 2016 Samsung Smart TV Line-up Samsung has officially unveiled its new line-up of SUHD TVs at CES 2016. The SUHD TVs offer great picture quality using cadmium-free, […]
Jan 5, 2016
  Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Get connected and get closer to your family - This seems like a pretty lofty claim by Samsung, but that is exactly what the company […]
Nov 24, 2015
  Are you based in the US and Interested in purchasing the Samsung SmartThings hub? Great, as now you can get $50 off the retail price of the brand-new Samsung […]
Sep 11, 2015
  We have been waiting for the launch of Samsung SmartThings devices for a while now, and were delighted to see its UK Launch yesterday, which means the Unboxing video […]
Sep 10, 2015
  Samsung Electronics has just announced that it's SmartThings range of products are available to purchase in the UK! You can purchase the items online at or at Curry’s […]
Jan 8, 2015
  The SmartThings app has been released for the Samsung Gear S smartwatch at CES 2015. By using the the SmartThings 1.0 app you are able to activate Hello, Home […]
Aug 18, 2014
  Samsung has acquired the home automation company SmartThings, which allows you to sync your gadgets with a Smartphone app and a hardware hub, and there is talk that the […]
Aug 11, 2017
Samsung continues in its drive to expand its IoT products with the recent unveiling of the Connect Home system. The Connect Home is a mesh of WiFi network which also […]
Jun 25, 2017
Welcome to another weekly roundup of the latest Tizen news from the Tizen Experts Team. Below you will find all the events for the week ending  25 June 2017, listing the week's articles […]

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