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Oct 23, 2012
  This Article was first published on AllAboutSymbian: With this direct comparison of the Nokia E7 and N950 'developer' device I don't think I've ever so badly wanted to combine […]
Jun 23, 2012
Here is a article written by Michael Sheldon of his adventure in porting one of his applications to Tizen. If you want to read the full technical bit the link […]
May 28, 2012
    Here is a Music Discovery application by Michael Sheldon called Eyrie: Eyrie is an application for the Nokia N9 and N950 phones that can find out information about […]
Mar 26, 2012
One tidbit of information that has been floating around on the Inter-Web today was an interesting test result from For those of you unfamiliar with it, it is a […]
Dec 5, 2011
    Can you get to Manchester for the Eveninig on the 6th December ? If you can then read on and see you there 🙂   DevLatest will be […]
Dec 4, 2011
  Introduction QML provides a useful concept to split up code called 'Components'. The easiest way to create a re-usable component is to add a new file to the working […]
Nov 24, 2011
W3C has published the first draft of a new Web standard that addresses online privacy. It establishes an official specification for the mechanism that browsers use to broadcast the “Do […]
Nov 23, 2011
  It’s probably too late for that because this headline picture is of a wonderful (or terrifying) spider. To be honest, most of us are in the terrified camp too, […]
Nov 11, 2011
A beta release of Opera 11.60, which was made available this week, includes a number of significant improvements to the browser’s HTML rendering engine. It also brings a visual overhaul […]
Oct 31, 2011
This Article Appeared on R Blank: HTML5 (or, as it’s more commonly known ‘HTML’) is a hot-subject these days -- in large part because of the ways in which it […]
Oct 20, 2011
  It looks like Nokia is going to unleash (adequate word) an integrated TV, magazine and digital campaign in Australia starting this Sunday to promote the Nokia N9. Apparently the […]
Sep 20, 2011
    The Asus Eee PC X101 is a the thinnest 10 inch netbook Asus has released to date. It’s also the cheapest. The little notebook is available for as […]
Sep 12, 2011
  Not only is Asus Eee PC X101 the thinnest netbook that the Taiwanese company has released so far, it's also the most affordable.     Measuring only 17.6 millimeters […]
Aug 22, 2011
    Our friends at Only Gizmos have got their lucky little paws on the Samsung N100 MeeGo Netbook. Here is their Review: Although it is the first netbook in […]
Jul 19, 2011
  For those of you that are not aware, LiveProfile is a Instant messaging service that is currently being used on iOS, Android and Blackberry (beta) and now its coming […]
Jul 17, 2011
  Fancy Winning a super dooper New Nokia N9 ? Yes well so do we but its not that easy. You need to enter a code to win and to […]
May 19, 2011
  With my background in Networking I find any "Smart Home Control application" a definite to get the blood pumping and this Application hits the spot. Developed by basysKom [], you […]
May 5, 2011
  As reported yesterday, Nelisquare was being developed and today the Pre Alpha Download is available for the Nokia N900. Recap : Nelisquare is a Foursquare client for Maemo and […]
Oct 1, 2010
There is no content in this category at present. We will bring you the finest stories soon, so please bear with us. These are exciting times, so please fasten your […]
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