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Dec 29, 2011
    Nokia Connect are now running the Nokia Community Awards 2011. This is a chance for people to vote on the following 6 categories, with category 1 being most […]
Nov 2, 2011
    Here are the highlights of Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich highlights. Its a real pity I couldn't get to this one but I'm hoping to get to […]
Oct 24, 2011
  For all you Qt Developers, Qt Developer Days has kicked off in Munich today. Billed as "The only event where you can learn directly from the developers who make […]
Aug 11, 2011
  As part of the Desktop Summit currently taking place in Berlin, the KDE development team has announced that work on the fifth generation of KDE is to commence. The […]
Jun 20, 2011
  So whilst everyone is eyeing up Nokia Connection in Singapore tomorrow for Nokia Devices News, it looks like PocketNow has leaked Press Shots of what it claims is the […]
Mar 20, 2011
The Maemo Community Council elections were upon us, but it was agreed with the Maemo community to accept the "no election" scenario and full Council-ship was awareded to the following […]
Feb 21, 2011
Intel held a press event at Mobile World Congress 2011 where they outlined their roadmap for their upcoming processors, but also Dough Fisher (corporate vice president and general manager of […]
Dec 19, 2010
As many of you might knowm, next month we are off to CES and we are looking forward to some MeeGo fun.This morning though we noticed this Video floating around […]

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