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Jan 7, 2016
  Tizen at FOSDEM 2016 FOSDEM ’16 will take place on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st January 2016 at the usual location: ULB Campus Solbosch in Brussels, Belgium. This is a great place for open source and free software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Last year the event attracted 5000+ attendees and its […]
Jul 1, 2015
  Following on from yesterdays annoucement that Tizen:Common on Yocto had been been released, now it is the time for the release of Tizen Common 3.0.2015.Q2. This was confirmed by Stéphane Desneux on behalf of the Intel Vannes team: Major changes in this release Security model (1 app <=> 1 smack label) Each app runs […]
Apr 14, 2015
  With the latest release of EFL version 1.14.0 beta 1 you get a fresh new tarballs with the latest work. This is a beta release and if for general testing, bug finding and feedback. EFL, Elementary and friends 1.14 beta1 tarballs Download LINK SHA256 efl-1.14.0-beta1.tar.gz 567d96849cc13be2eaf899d21c9902492a2c3aca111bcd0e91adabe65c4af6bd elementary-1.14.0-beta1.tar.gz fe45a8a9e2093c9b7d40aff7692a604099dd21d6eace28e17aa3e8c2c28d0cf5 emotion_generic_players-1.14.0-beta1.tar.gz 787570a63ef59004942b24e9dd28d4e66396c45dcebda105d9f6dfa4b1b6ee16 evas_generic_loaders-1.14.0-beta1.tar.gz 3693c85e05d644e930ed78d1761a87ea633702242da48867e452c8611b40ba85   What's […]
Feb 18, 2015
  Terminology version 0.8 has been released and is available for immediate download. Terminology is a terminal emulator program that is written with Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL), and has some extra features when compared to standard Terminal apps. You can download the tarball either as terminology-0.8.0.tar.xz or as terminology-0.8.0.tar.gz.   Changelog Add a visual tab […]
Jan 23, 2015
  This year there are going to be two EFL Dev Days. The first one will kick off in the US and then the second one will be for Europe. The Enlightenment Developers Day North America 2015 will be held on March 26 2015 at the Samsung Research America new office in Mountain View. The will […]
Dec 23, 2014
  Webinar This webinar is by Daniel Juyung Seo who is a senior software engineer from Samsung's Software Center and he discusses how you can write mostly the User Interface part of Tizen Native Application development. Daniel covers how you can use EFL to create your apps layout, where to find useful documentation , and […]
Dec 14, 2014
  Here is another update for the 1.12.x series for EFL and Elementary, courtesy of the EFL team. The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) is the prefered native development framework for Tizen and provides all the libraries you need to create powerful applications.   EFL fixes textblock: correct text position for RTL text with margins evas/map: […]
Nov 24, 2014
  The Enlightenment team are pleased to announce that Python-EFL 1.12.0 is now released and immediately available for download.
Oct 14, 2014
  Recently was saw EFL Developer Day 2014 taking place in Düsseldorf Germany, but there is also other good news, a new version of Terminology has been released. Terminology is a terminal emulator application that is written with EFL, you can find further information on the application on its about page.   Main changes Internationalization […]
Sep 12, 2014
  Terminology is a terminal emulator written using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and provides you with lots of extra bells and whistles. It emulates an extended VT100 Terminal with some extensions: Most escapes supported by xterm, rxvt etc. work Xterm 256 color escapes work Backgrounds (bitmap, scalable/vector, animated gif, videos) Transparency Bitmap and scalable fonts […]
Sep 9, 2014
  Just before LinuxCon Europe in Düsseldorf, Germany this year, Enlightenment Developer Day 2014 is scheduled. Places are limited for the event, so please make sure that you register early. Enlightenment and EFL have an important place in Tizen that will become more apparent over the next couple of months. The registration fee is $40 […]
Sep 1, 2014
  The first stable update for the 1.11.x series EFL and Elementary has been released. EFL fixes evas: Evas_Wayland_Egl - change size of common gl context after egl make current according to current Outbuf's size evas: Evas_wayland_Egl - fix black surface during resize ecore_evas: Ecore_Evas_X - make sure that ecore evas post render is always […]
Jul 18, 2014
  Tizen, the follow on Operating System (OS) from MeeGo, is aimed at various profiles, not only mobile, just like MeeGo was. With that in mind a User Interface (UI) must be scalable and themeable to support these diverse profiles. Daniel Juyung Seo, who is a software engineer from Samsung, will be presenting at OSCON […]
Jul 17, 2014
  The second stable release for update for series 1.10.x is out. It is strongly encouragedd for people to update to this release, to fix some security problems with the embedded copy of lz4.   EFL fixes evas/textblock: check item's type before returning result. Evas textblock: Fix issue with edje fonts not being used. (T1331) […]
May 27, 2014
  Version 1.10 of EFL is now out, which includes Elementary, Evas Generic Loaders and Emotion Generic Players. Main Highlights Elementary theme versioning Huge Edje changes Eo2 has landed New EFL C++ bindings Added support for ETC1 Eolian Elementary Widget Item Focus Concept Statistics Elementary Building and Dependencies   Download LINK SHA256 efl-1.10.0.tar.gz 55ab54150e4c53781f7b3239f39c11a06c3b9208f4109700bca049c36cd6c49b elementary-1.10.0.tar.gz […]
May 19, 2014
  EFL/Elementary version 1.9.4 has been released. There are a total of 6 EFL bug-fixes in this version , ranging from GIF decoding bug fixes to fix of callback errors. Elementary 1.9.4 consists of 8 new fixes. The developers of EFL/Elementary stated that this may be their last release of the 1.9.x series dependent on how many back […]
May 5, 2014
  Things are heating up for the Tizen Developer Conference, that will be held in San Francisco next month (June 2-4). We have had the announcements of the session schedule, Marmalade developer discount, and the DevLab, and now theres more. We are hearing that there maybe a quantity of Tizen Gear 2 Smart watches, that […]
Apr 20, 2014
  With all the excitement of the release of the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 last week, a little update for the EFL and Elementary 1.9.x series and Enlightenment 0.18.7 has slipped through out fingers. Check below for what has changed: EFL fixes: build: Disallow non-working sdl + opengl ES combination (T856) evas/proxy - redraw proxy […]
Apr 3, 2014
  After completion of the first round of merge and stabilization phase, the second and last cycle for 1.10 is now underway. This is not a full release at the moment, but should be considered as a snapshot of the project.   New features for EFL would include: eina: add eina_inarray_resize @feature. eina: add eina_accessor_clone and […]
Mar 31, 2014
  The following slides are for our developer followers and is from a talk entitled "Enlightenment as a Standalone Wayland Compositor", which was presented by Chris Michael and Stefan Schmidt from Samsung OSG's UK office at FOSDEM 2014. I know, FOSDEM seems like a long time ago (was this year) but I've only recently come […]
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