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Nov 27, 2011
    In this game you have to help the farmer to catch the eggs. Each level has a different number and type of chickens, also each chicken can lay […]
Nov 27, 2011
    Got bored while waiting for something? Or having a little break during stressful hours? A lot of stuff need to be stacked. You'll find a stack of fun […]
Nov 24, 2011
This is the first in a series of tutorials on developing a full featured version of Breakout. This tutorial will cover drawing primitive objects on the screen using the Canvas […]
Nov 22, 2011
A multi-touch two-player pong-like game for your mobile device - with high-resolution artwork, attention to detail and authentic sounds.   Source Ovi Store
Nov 22, 2011
  Line adventure games. With its focus on instant fun and a unique multiplayer experience, hopes to win new gamers' hearts and promote the adventure game genre.     […]
Oct 28, 2011
    Shoot the balloons with the rock. Try to achieve golden star from each level! Play and see what kind of different items there is to play with! Total […]
Oct 25, 2011
    Great looking Video of the Game Samurai 2 running on the Nokia N950 but I believe it will run on the Nokia N9.     I have been […]
Oct 23, 2011
  Talking Cat is an App thats been available on the Android platform for a while now and my 6 year old loves it. Now, its on my Nokia N9 […]
Oct 18, 2011
  The long story Nanoparticles is a physics based game I have been working on and entered the MeeGo Coding Competition with, where you control a positive charge in its […]
Oct 17, 2011
SketchIt brings the simple drawing tool for the Harmattan devices. Now you can draw wherever you go and also kids will have a lot of fun .   Downloads You […]
Oct 11, 2011
  WaterBubble is very simple Entertainment game written for children and developed in Qt Quick for nokia device. By touching the touch screen in mobile or by mouse in computer, […]
Oct 5, 2011
    This is an interesting little game. Yes it does have some things in common with a little game called "Angry Birds" but it has also enough to set […]
Oct 2, 2011
      Everyone has to make decision day by day. Some of them are too hard to be decided without assistance. “Choose A Match” will help you to make […]
Oct 2, 2011
There’s a mini swipe game on the Nokia Norway page. A bit like Dance Dance Revolution (or perhaps guitar hero) you’ve got arrows/keys coming down which you have to press. […]
Sep 27, 2011
    In 'qw' you have to fill the screen with your cursor (via gestures), taking care not to get hit by enemies. 13 levels with exquisite artwork are waiting […]
Sep 26, 2011
    Farm chickens are gone crazy and your goal is to help Motu to catch falling eggs. If egg falls to the ground then it will hatch and you […]
Sep 25, 2011
  Here is Intels Bob Duffy with part 2 of his series on developing a game using HTML5. Part 1 is published here. This is part 2 of a series […]
Sep 25, 2011
What follows is a post by Intels Bob Duffy on HTML5 Games Development that Appeared WAY back in May of this year on Intels AppUp Developer Program. The reason that […]
Sep 20, 2011
Miniature has a experimental release for Maemo. It is based on a snapshot taken slightly before the Miniature 0.4 De Lucena release.   This package is functional: you can play […]
Sep 13, 2011
    Lights Off has made the jump to two new platforms in the past month: Android and MeeGo Harmattan. The Android version of Lights Off was teased no less […]

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