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Nov 3, 2017
A couple of weeks ago Samsung did something not mainstream with its product announcement. The company launched a couple of Limited edition Star Wars themed POWERbot VR7000 vacuum cleaner recently. These are based on the original POWERbot VR7000 smart vacuum cleaners which were launched earlier this year at CES 2017, hence the core functionalities is […]
Oct 11, 2017
The 21st century is a time where we are so busy that we wish that our houses can just automatically clean themselves. Well, with technological advancements, we now have vacuum cleaners which can do lots of our cleaning for us and Samsung just released a high-quality vacuum cleaner called "Star Wars POWERbot™". Pre-orders for this product commence […]
Jun 14, 2017
The world is a very busy place today and many do not have the time for domestic chores like cleaning the floors and scrubbing the carpet. Have you been thinking about home automation and the possibility of owning a good Robot Vacuum cleaner? Well, you might find the Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum appealing. This device is […]
May 3, 2017
Samsung POWERbot R9020 Robotic Vacuum Last week, we listed some pretty good deals for Samsung Robot Vacuum cleaners, R9000, VR9000, R9040, R9350, R9250, R9020 and the Samsung VCA-RHF30/XAA Sponge Filter. Today, you can grab the Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum for $398, which normally retails for $699.99 and you get a saving of $301.99 […]
Apr 27, 2017
Have you been thinking about home automation and the possibility of owning your very own Robot Vacuum cleaner? Well, there are several Samsung ones that currently have offers that you might find appealing. The Samsung vacuum cleaners listed today are the R9000, VR9000, R9040, R9350, R9250, R9020, and there is also a sponge filter with a deal. The vacuum cleaners and the one […]
Apr 19, 2017
Remember POWERBot, Samsung's answer to Roomba the robot autonomous Vacuum cleaner? If you're in the US, you could get one of those right now for $349.99 which is a 30% discount from its original price. The POWERBot is currently being sold with this limited period offer on Amazon and like we mentioned earlier shipping is […]
Jan 17, 2017
Are you fond of keeping up with the latest technology innovations but hate vacuuming your house? Well, Samsung has created a range of Robot vacuum cleaners that take the hassle out of keeping your house tidy and might appeal to you. Samsung’s POWERbot Essential Robotic Vacuum normally retails for $699.99 but can be bought now […]
Dec 28, 2016
Samsung has today announced another an addition to it's Tizen-powered POWERbot lineup of vacuum cleaners, the VR7000, to unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas next month. The POWERbot is an automated and Intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) device and is controllable via an app on your smartphone or mobile device, allowing you to start […]
Jul 7, 2015
  Who doesn't want a Robot to come along and automatically clean up for you? Well the Samsung VR9000 POWERbot Vacuum is a Tizen based cleaner that can automatically clean your house whilst you're asleep, or out or just when you tell it to do it. The VR9000 has some Innovative features such as point […]
Jun 17, 2015
  The Samsung Tizen POWERbot Cleaning Robot is a perfect addition to the modern Smart Home and it has now been released in the UK, retailing for £800. This is a small robot with serious cleaning skills that can automatically map out your living space and clean it. You can also use the Point Cleaning […]
Apr 10, 2015
  Samsung Electronics have released a new updated version of its Robot vacuum cleaner POWERbot in Korea. Earlier models of this device were initially shown off at the Tizen Developer Conference 2014 in San Francisco, but now the Operating System has been updated to Tizen. POWERbot is the latest addition to Samsung's Smart Home range […]

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