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Nov 24, 2014
  We've had lots of news about the Samsung Gear S, but that doesn't mean we have forgotten about our Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Galaxy Gear / Neo readers. We present you with volume 30 of our special wallpapers / backgrounds so you can personalise your Smartwatch.   Download instructions As ever, you can […]
Nov 7, 2014
  The Samsung Gear Manager App has just been updated to version 2.2.14110499. There is no changelog (nothing new there), other than: Support for Gear Circle, but the support for Gear Circle was Introduced in an earlier version, so hopefully we can look forward to some more bug fixes that some of you might be […]
Oct 31, 2014
  Last week the Top 10 and Third Prize Winners in Round 2 of the Samsung Gear App Challenge were announced. A Public Voting to choose the Popular Choice Prize Winner among the Top 10 is now open on the Gear App Challenge website ( * Public Voting on Top 10: October 24 – November 9, […]
Oct 13, 2014
  Happy Monday to our Readers and Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Neo and Galaxy Smartwatch owners. Lets start the week with a Tizen collection of some great wallpapers, including some Avatar ones. We know lots of people love these, even making their own applications from them !!!!   Download instructions As ever, you can […]
Oct 10, 2014
The guys over at Belvek have been busy with lots of innovative watch faces for the Tizen Gear 2 / Galaxy range, and here we have a few that stand out from the crowd. There are 3 to take your pick from:   video Cool Animated numbers clock for Gear 2 / Neo Halloween watchface […]
Oct 8, 2014
  GearWeb is a simple web browser that is designed to run on your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch. Sharing your webpage with your Smartwatch is quite simple, as you only need to browse to it on your Android device, and then share it to the GearWeb app, which in turn pushes it down to […]
Oct 8, 2014
  Music Identification apps have been around for a while now, software like Shazam and Sound hound, but wouldn't it be more convenient if we could bring this functionality to your wrist? Well Gearam Music ID is an app for your Samsung Gear 2 that does just that !!!     Usage Launch 'Gearam Music […]
Oct 7, 2014
  Here are this weeks wallpapers for your enjoyment for your Samsung Gear / Gear 2 / Neo Smartwatches. They are mainly abstract and Avatar (from the movie) ones. Download instructions As ever, you can download them directly from our site either using your computer or your mobile device, and then easily transfer them to your Samsung […]
Oct 2, 2014
  Watcher is a Tizen Gear 2 clock face that combines a elegant looking face with your calendar events. You can keep an eye on you daily events without the need of opening up additional calendar apps to check your agenda / schedule.     Recently Watcher has been updated with some great new features […]
Sep 30, 2014
  Fleksy Messenger, the real soft keyboard for the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 range of Smart watches has received a major updated today, which includes themes, new layouts and also spanish language support. Fleksy Messenger is the default keyboard that ships with the Samsung Gear S, that is to go on sale next month. Introducing […]
Sep 29, 2014
  Another week and we have another installment of our Samsung Gear 2 / Neo / Galaxy Gear wallpapers for your enjoyment. We've got some racing cars for you and some modern abstract ones. Download instructions As ever, you can download them directly from our site either using your computer or your mobile device, and then easily […]
Sep 23, 2014
  Samsung Gear Manager has been updated to version 2.2.14090599 last week, but unfortunately that seemed to bring a fair few problems along with it. Today Samsung have released version 2.2.14092299 to help resolve some of those issues. So far todays update may not have resolved everyones problems, as I have uninstalled and reinstalled and […]
Sep 23, 2014
  We reports a few weeks ago that Yotta clock face had been submitted to the Samsung App Store, well now we are pleased to announce it is on sale !!! Since then it has had a couple of updates with version 1.0.4 now being available.     The Yotta clock face is a Interesting […]
Sep 22, 2014
  Its Tizen Smartwatch Bling time as we present you with Volume 26 of our Wallpapers for your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy wrist buddies. This collection has mixed content from landscapes, futuristic, and even super heroes. We hope you find them useful. Download instructions As ever, you can download […]
Sep 18, 2014
  UPDATE: Samsung have released another update, but it seems that also has some issues. Check out the post here The Samsung Gear Manager software that runs on Android devices has been updated to version 2.2.14090599. We now get a lively splash of orange going through the app as well as added support for the […]
Sep 15, 2014
  Its that time of week again, WALLPAPERS for your Tizen Samsung Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy. We are now onto volume 25, which is a collection that is mainly a abstract style with a little futuristic twist. Download instructions As ever, you can download them directly from our site either using your […]
Sep 13, 2014
  The new Tizen Samsung Gear S can be seen as a creative work of art, so therefore it makes sense that your new Gear 2 and Gear S applications user interface also look stunningly good !!!! Tizen is a HTML5 centric technology that helps solves most of the common problems faced by developers that […]
Sep 12, 2014
  The Expedia travel app was one of the first applications that was announced for the Gear 2 Smartwatch, but it took a little while getting released on the Smartwatch, whilst its Android counter part has been out for a while now. The Expedia App has a simple job of bringing your important travel notifications […]
Sep 10, 2014
  Samsung has quite a few wearable devices right now, and 6 of those can currently occupy your wrist, specifically the Samsung Gear S, Gear Live, Gear Fit, Gear 2 Neo, Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear. As a anniversary celebration, yes its been a year since the Galaxy Gear was announced at IFA 2013, Samsung […]
Sep 10, 2014
  The new platform with new opportunities The Russia Tizen App Challenge was launched this year to mainly focus on Apps for the Samsung Z, but unfortunately as this handset hasn't launched, the scope of this challenge has had to change. Now looking at the official T&C's the application target devices are now the Tizen […]

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