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Oct 22, 2011
The Nokia N9 is still teasing to be released in the UK and online retailer HandTec have got the 64GB version (SIM Free/Unlocked, Black) on for £574.79 . No due date as yet other than Soon. MeeGo O/S, 3.9-Inch AMOLED, Gorilla Glass, 8MP Camera, HD 720p, A-GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth   Source Handtec
Oct 14, 2011
More videos of the Nokia N9 lurking around:   Video by KENNELHELSINKI   Source My Nokia Blog
Jul 14, 2011
  What can you do on a Nokia N9 in 9 Seconds ? Apparently a hell of a lot as can be seen by a series of videos released by Nokia. We are given six clips showing different aspects of the device in daily use. Check 'em out but please, don't blink ! Is 9 seconds […]

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