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Mar 31, 2011
Amino Communications were present at last weeks IP&TV World held at the Olympia in London. This event is where the cream of the crop of the world's largest and most established IPTV exhibitors gather to strut their stuff. We also caught up with Amino at CES where they were showcasing their Freedom Jump box and […]
Mar 16, 2011
Another day and another demo. This shows some of the core functionality of the Amino box but there is so much more thats going to be available, which we will show as soon as we grab our contact (and you know who you are) ... Lol. Demonstration shows: Jump UI overlayed on a PAY TV […]
Jan 19, 2011
  We caught up Amino Communications at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where they were showcasing their Freedom Jump set-top box which is powered by MeeGo and provides integration with a user existing Digital (DVB-T) box. We do have to stress that this demo is on a 5-week old box and this would be considered […]

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