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Dec 15, 2017
DIY Electronics has been a hot topic for over a decade now. Almost anyone with little to no coding experience can get started with programming a microcontroller thanks to the widely popular Arduino platform. Over the years, there have been a huge number of Arduino boards released of all shapes and sizes and the Arduino […]
Aug 18, 2016
A senior researcher at Samsung  Electronics has identified the automotive industry as the next big thing in the information and communications technology sector. Speaking at a tech seminar in Seoul wednesday, Mr Kim Do-kyun, a senior researcher at Samsung's memory business division, posited that automotive will in the long run be the next big thing when […]
Mar 27, 2015
  The following is a video recorded at FOSDEM 2015, entitled Porting Tizen Common to open source hardware devices, presented by Philippe Coval and Leon Anavi, in which it Introduces you to the Tizen platform development and provides you the technical details with regards to the Tizen:Common porting efforts to Allwinner A10/A20, Rockchip RK3188/RK3288 ARM […]
Feb 5, 2015
Before we start I want to thank all the attendees that were present at FOSDEM's Tizen community meeting, It was really cool to meet you there, I can say that attendees were very excited about playing with an actual Tizen Z1 smart phone, tell me if I am wrong but I think this was the […]
Jan 9, 2015
  Tizen Common is a baseline Operating system that other profile / devices can be targeted off like mobile, wearable , IVI (In-Vehicle-Infortainment). Leon Anavi has been working on porting Tizen Common 3.0 to the Firefly-RK3288 development board. This device has Rockchip RK3288 quad-core Cortex-A17 ARM SoC with Mali GPU. The board also has 2GB […]
Dec 13, 2014
OK, hands up who wants to see the Tizen Common wayland image running on the odroid U3 development board? Good, sit comfortably and we will begin. Phil from Eurogiciel has been digging into the finer points of getting Tizen Common running on the Odroid U3 board and so far has found it not totally a […]
Nov 9, 2014
  Some great news guys, we previously reported on Leon Anavi getting Tizen:Common running on the open source hardware Development Board Radxa Rock with RK3188 SoC (ARM Cortex-A9 quad core @ 1.6Ghz and Mali400-mp4 GPU), well now he has overcome some of the display issues that he was facing. The Tizen:Common image is available to […]
Nov 7, 2014
  Our friend Leon Anavi is at it again !!!! What I mean by that vague statement is that he is porting Tizen onto another Development Board, in this case the Radxa Rock dev board that supports the Rockchip RK3188 SoC, which is a 28nm 1.8Ghz quad core ARM Cortex A9 and quad core Mali […]
Sep 7, 2014
  Currently the Tizen project is publishing ARM images, so let me introduce you to how you can use them on other Armv7l hardware. For this tutorial the Renesas RCAR_M2 Evaluation board will be used. Tizen hardware adaptation for Tizen:IVI on rcarm2 was made available by Damian Hobson Garcia, now let me show you how […]
Aug 14, 2014
  Generic ARM images are now available for Tizen Common that will allow you to boot it onto ARM architecture. Tizen Common is a base Operating System that can be used to build different vertical profiles for products, but you can use it on its own, if you so wished.   Video       […]
Jul 11, 2014
  Tizen is now marketed as the Operating System of Everything. To carry through on that promise it is crucial that Tizen is deployed across as many different profiles as possible. Tizen welcomes all Base Support Packages. A few months ago Tizen:Common added support for the ARMv7 architecture. This upstream feature is still in progress […]
Mar 25, 2014
  Marmalade Technologies added support for Tizen in their SDK in the middle of last year and built on it in subsequent updates, allowing developers to deploy their existing and new Marmalade games directly into the Tizen ecosystem. We have previously featured loads of videos from Marmalade showing how to deploy a game or application, using Quick […]
Nov 19, 2013
  It only seems like yesterday we were talking about 64-bit processors, well it certainly wasn't that long ago that Samsung also confirmed that they’re working on 64-bit processors as well. Now we have a “senior ARM official” reportedly confirming that the 64-bit CPU will make it to a Samsung device next year. We can […]
Sep 15, 2013
  Recently we have had Apple strutting their stuff about their iPhone 5S and 5C SmartPhones and proclaiming that they will have the first 64-bit processor in the form of their fancy new 64-bit A7 CPU. Samsung Co-CEO JK Shin has told Korean Times that Samsung's future handsets will also include 64-bit Processors "in the […]
Sep 11, 2013
  Here are some videos showing some of the new features that Samsung has enabled on its newest Exynos 5 Octa chips. One of main criticism that Samsung encountered for its new 5xxx series processors was that it could only have a certain configuration of 4 processors out of the total 8 active at any […]
Jul 23, 2013
  Today Samsung have confirmed details of their new Exynos 5420 SoC processor. The Exynos 5420 has the same architecture layout as the previous versions with four A15s and four A7s processors with the same big.LITTLE configuration that ARM is ALL excited about. Clock speeds have been increased to 1.8GHz for the Cortex A15 cores […]
Feb 14, 2013
    Samsung Semiconductor has posted a video which provides an overview of ARM big.LITTLE technology and shows an operating demonstration, based on a Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 processor in a big.LITTLE configuration can provide optimum performance and reduce energy consumption. ARM big.LITTLE technology is being used in Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa SoC.   Video:   […]
Jun 19, 2012
    A question was posed to Linus Torvald about NVidia and his response was a little unexpected:   Linus Torvalds isn't someone you'd accuse of excessive diplomacy and his answer to a question about Nvidia's lack of support for Linux with its Optimus technology has been far from compromising. When posed with that query […]
May 15, 2012
    This is a contribution to the Igloo Community by two people going by the name xjobb. Tizen is made to run on the ST-Ericsson Snowball single board computer booting from the MicroSD memory card.       Image can be downloaded from: Image to card: Write the image to the card using […]
Feb 4, 2012
It is fair enough to say that Intel has lost its ground as far as Google TV is concerned. However, one should never write-off Intel from entering the Smart TV business and the company is exactly standing true to that. Yes, Intel is mulling on a Smart TV of its own. Running on Linux based […]

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