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Feb 7, 2017
In a surprise turn of events, Samsung has decided to stop production of its development board Artik 10 which was the most powerful board among the Artik series. The Artik 10 board, going by the model number Artik 1020, featured a high power Exynos 5422 octacore chipset and Mali-T628 MP6 GPU coupled with 16GB of […]
Nov 7, 2016
When you think about development boards they're all about enabling creators to invent new, amazing stuff. But who are these creators? According to the Hackster Maker Survey 2016, 45.05% of hardware creators are startups. And when you look at startups, those who are more prone to actually build such new, amazing stuff, few platforms can tell […]
Aug 8, 2016
Samsung's single board computers- The ARTIK dev boards have been commercially launched earlier this year. The ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 boards have support for multiple OS and that includes the likes of Ubuntu, Fedora and of course Tizen. The development boards run Fedora out of the box and since these are relatively new boards […]
May 4, 2016
Samsung's Artik development boards are finally reaching hands of consumers in the US. The Artik development boards which were unveiled back in May 2015 at the IoT World 2015 have taken quite a lot of time to become consumer ready and take over the likes of the new Raspberry Pi 3, Pine 64,etc which have revolutionized […]
Dec 11, 2015
  ARTIK, the Internet of Things (IoT) Samsung hardware platform has had some very Interesting developments recently, it is now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT! This translates to the ARTIK 5 and ARTIK 10 boards being tested for readiness, compatibility, and usability with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is a […]
Jul 14, 2015
  ARTIK is Samsung's Internet of Things (IoT) hardware platform which represents a world of possibilities. Whilst we wait for our ARTIK hardware to arrive (tick tock), here is an unboxing video of the ARTIK 10 module by America and Penelope Lopez, better known as the CyberCode Twins, on what they are describing as a […]

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