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Aug 9, 2011
  The Online retailer Indiaplaza has listed the Nokia N9 on its website, with an expected availability date of October 2011. They’ve even gone on to list the price at a cool Rs. 32,368 which translates to a little over $700. At this point I'm not sure how concrete this information is as apparently Indiaplaza […]
Aug 3, 2011
  Whilst there are still discussions going round about which countries the Nokia N9 will or will not be released by Nokia, Twitter user @milanjakob tweeted that the Nokia N9 is showing on Amazon Germany for the price of 619 EUR. Like quite a few other countries Nokia has not listed Germany as being a […]
Jun 23, 2011
  This is the first price tag that we have seen for the Nokia N9 in the flesh. SuperTrader is a UK online retailer and has slapped on a £599.99 price tag for this little baby. Most SmartPhones are usually priced £450 upwards so this does seem a bit hefty. This might just be the […]

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