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Mar 6, 2015
  One of the most common questions that we were asked in the early days of Tizen was "When will existing Bada phones be updated to Tizen?". Users of the […]
Apr 15, 2013
  To convert your bada application to Tizen, the migration tool must be installed. The migration tool is the add-on SDK in Tizen that converts your bada application to a […]
Apr 13, 2013
What does a new eco system need ? Applications ! As a step towards this Samsung has began inviting Bada Developers to a Tizen Port-a-thon with a total of $2,200,000 […]
Feb 25, 2013
  It has been rumoured for a while now that Tizen and Bada will merge. Well it looks like that bubble has now been popped as Hong Won-pyo, the president […]
Oct 10, 2012
    Will or won't Tizen merge with Bada. Read on ....... Mr. JK Shin confirmed that Samsung will merge bada to TIZEN. The opportunity going forward to have HTML5 […]
Aug 15, 2012
    The Tizen project is approaching its one-year anniversary, which makes for a good opportunity to look back at how far the project has come. The Linux Foundation announced […]
Mar 7, 2012
    Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), the world’s second-largest handset maker, will “significantly” increase investment to bolster its own mobile-phone operating system, pitching it as an alternative to Google Inc. […]
Jan 18, 2012
Time to time, we've heard of Samsung's plan to merge its homegrown OS Bada and Linux-based open-source OS Tizen. The South Korean electronics giant is seeking an alternative to Google's […]
Jan 18, 2012
Samsung Electronics' plan to merge its proprietary mobile OS Bada with Linux-based open-source OS Tizen has been wide known. The Electronics giant is seeking an alternative to Google's Android in […]
Jan 18, 2012
    Samsung says reported marriage between two open-source mobile operating systems not yet a done deal. Samsung has not yet decided whether it will be integrating its bada mobile […]
Jan 18, 2012
    Samsung is planning to raise a billion dollars to fund US expansion, and will be pushing Tizen onto Americans as a Bada-compatible platform, with Intel's help. The bonds […]
Jan 17, 2012
    Samsung Electronics Co said on Tuesday it planned to merge its 'bada' mobile software with a platform backed by chipmaker Intel Corp in its latest push to diversify […]
Jan 14, 2012
    Samsung are apparently working on merging bada operating system with Tizen! There was talk last year of them open sourcing Bada but that has not materialised and this […]
Sep 22, 2011
  Yesterday there was yet another announcement that sent the MeeGo world into a Samsung Flutter as the Wall Street Journal report that Samsung is planning to open source their […]

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