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Jan 15, 2018
Last week saw Indian telecommunications company, Reliance Jio launch its own cryptocurrency. We begin the new week with interesting news from China that Baidu, the internet giant is launching a Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) product. Although, this announcement from Baidu is coming a couple of months after a competitor, Tencent announced the launch of their own BaaS. Baidu […]
Dec 18, 2014
  We've sang the praises of Nokia Maps quite a few times and been filled with a warm glow knowing that it is a strong mapping solution for Tizen . Now the Here mapping platform will provide the Chinese search company Baidu with its mapping capabilities, for both desktop and mobile devices. There is one caveat to […]
Feb 19, 2014
  "Having searched thousands of times in the crowd, suddenly turning back, She is there in the dimmest candlelight." And "she" might very well be Tizen. (Although I have no clue what Tizen might mean in Chinese...). Baidu (BIDU) is expanding the scope of its businesses and seems to be planning a massive growth in the […]

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