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Jul 7, 2015
  After the previous massive firmware update for the Samsung NX1 you would think we wouldn't get a update that quick again? You would be wrong as Samsung have released version 1.32 software update today. The compressed download is 306.3Mb this time and uncompressed it is 372.2Mb. We have fixes for the movie standby bug […]
Jun 25, 2015
  Samsung has a released a firmware update for its Tizen based NX500 mirrorless camera that improves substantially on autofocus and video. Autofocus is said to be improved in low light, face detection, and movie mode. A new Zone AF mode has been added, and there are now five AF area sizes to choose from. The […]
Jun 25, 2015
  The Original Samsung NX Mini was launched about this time last year and now it is time for version 2. We have some leaked pictures of the Samsung NX Mini 2, a mirrorless camera, as well as its specifications. The big surprise here is 4K video recording that not many saw coming in a […]
Jun 9, 2015
  The Samsung NX1 Smart Camera has had a flurry of Software updates recently, with a major overall only 3 weeks ago with firmware 1.30. The compressed download is 307.6Mb this time and uncompressed it is 382Mb. We have movies recording bug fixes and other minor bugs. Well done to Samsung for the continued fast […]
May 31, 2015
  Is it a killer? Seems like we are perpetually waiting for either an Android or an iPhone killer, but today we are looking at the Samsung NX500 and seeing if this little beast can be thought of as being a Canon 5D Mark III killer! The 5D is Canon's top range DSLR camera and […]
May 19, 2015
  The next firmware update for the Samsung NX1 Tizen Smart camera, which is the Korean companies flagship Tizen semi-pro camera, has just been released. The file size is 305.6Mb zipped, and is 382.3Mb uncompressed. This seems to be the major firmware update that Samsung has been working on, as you can see from the […]
Apr 18, 2014
  Samsung Electronics are said to be releasing another Tizen Camera. The new Smart Camera NX3000, is slated for the Indonesian market and is currently undergoing testing from the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication SP3, submitted on the 10th April The Tizen Samsung NX3000 is a Mirrorless camera and will join the Samsung NX300M, […]
Mar 31, 2014
  The Samsung NX300M and NX2000 are two Mirrorless camera's that support Samsung's new Tizen OS. The Source Code for both cameras has been released, which gives the community the option to tinker with the OS, if need be and I presume if they don't like their warranty. Mike Thomann, a member of the Digital […]
Mar 18, 2014
  Oh how I love the words Leak used in the same sentence as Tizen !!! Leaked images have hit the internet regarding a Samsung launch event tomorrow. Initially it was thought that some sort of smartphone would be launched, but it now looks like it is the Samsung NX Mini Camera and its Tizen […]
Feb 14, 2014
  The Samsung NX30, which was announced before CES 2014 is Samsung's second Smart Camera that runs the Tizen OS under the hood, the first one being the Samsung NX300M which was revealed to be running Tizen sometime after its release at the Samsung Developer Summit in Korea 2013. The Smart Camera is now on […]
Jan 22, 2014
  Launched just before CES 2014 was the Samsung Smartcamera NX30, which is powered by Tizen and is a professionally-inspired compact system camera. Lots of bells and whistles to this one: Swivel Viewfinder Swivel 3.0" High Resolution Super AMOLED Tilting EVF touch Display Advanced 20.3MP APS-C high resolution CMOS Sensor NX AF System II - […]
Jan 2, 2014
We have previously reported that the Samsung NX30, Samsung's second camera running Tizen will be unveiled at CES 2014, but it looks like they just couldn't wait and have revealed the Galaxy Camera 2 and the NX30 with a hands on to Engadget. Both Cameras tout the NFC-based "Tag & Go" sharing feature that allows […]
Dec 31, 2013
According to a user Jerry0619 on the website DPReview, Samsung is gearing up to release a new Smart Mirrorless Camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014, which runs January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. The model number is the NX30 and it will be the second Samsung Smart Camera to run Tizen, the […]
Nov 11, 2013
  Tizen holds the promise on shipping on lots of different devices. Samsung has already been shipping the Samsung NX-300M (NX300M) Camera for the last month or so but Today at the Tizen Developer Summit, Samsung has officially announced that this camera is actually running Tizen !!! Previously we have been investigating the Samsung NX […]
Jun 20, 2013
  The NX-2000 Smart based Camera is now on sale in the USA for $649.99. The camera is a combination of slim camera design and smart technology which creates extraordinary pictures and movies that you can share with ease. This camera features an APS-C sensor with 20.3 Megapixel resolution so its certainly highly detailed. The […]
Jun 3, 2013
  So usually manufacturers only provide assembled firmware downloads not allowing the source code to be transparent. But Samsung seem to have gone the other way by releasing source code for the Samsung NX-300 and the Samsung NX-2000. Both cameras are recent mirror-less interchangeable-lens cameras running Tizen OS. The source code itself for the NX-2000 is 2.5 gigabytes […]
May 26, 2013
  The Samsung NX2000 smart camera is to be released in the Korean markets from next week. This will consist of a mirrorless mid range camera which was launched in the U.S market since the beginning of this month. The Samsung NX2000 is a follow up model to the NX300 mirrorless camera which was released […]
May 1, 2013
  Samsung Electronics has updated the firmware for the Smart Camera NX1000 to version 1.13. This latest firmware upgrade will improve the performance of applications NX1000 and replace M / Links and RVFM with apps Samsung SMART CAMERA newer and integrated.Here's a tutorial to upgrade firmware for the Smart Camera NX1000.   The main upgrade in […]
Apr 15, 2013
    The images of the top and front drawings recently appeared in the recent FCC filings. We know the new model will have a 20.3 MP CMOS Censor as well as WiFi 802.11n capabilities and if history is to repeat itself will run the Tizen Operating System. Traces of Tizen OS have already been […]
Apr 11, 2013
    Update: this camera is most likely the Samsung NX2000. The above picture is of a not-yet-announced Samsung NX camera that runs on the Android or Tizen OS (you can see the home button on the right). I do not have any other details, but Samsung is rumored to be working on mirrorless NX […]

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